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Pull up a chair and join me if you’re feeling a bit ‘meh’ too…

Anyone else’s first day back not go the way they planned? Or is it just me? After the busy-bee I was yesterday, (workout, food shopping, made lunch, cooked a fab new casserole recipe for the evening with dumplings too, two loads of washing, hair mask, face mask, showered, washed hair and even blowdried it too!), I was all ready to make a fabulously inspiring to-do list for today and tick each task off one by one as I smashed my day’s goals.
With this evening’s announcement of even more restrictions hanging over our heads, it’s been hard to really focus on anything much at all although online homeschooling has started (one today, one tomorrow), and the email inbox is already full up again.
Still, let’s focus on the positives… there’s food in my fridge, a roof over my head and I’m loved by the ones I love, so no wallowing in negativity… I’ll attack my to-do list again tomorrow with renewed vigour.


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