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As the nights draw in and the mornings are still dark till past 7.30am, the motivation to haul myself to the gym wanes. Don’t get me wrong, I love my gym and I love my workouts but like anyone, there are days (sometimes weeks) when I just can’t get into the groove, when I can’t find the means to motivate myself, and I’d rather turn over and snooze for another hour than hit the gym.

That’s where having a gym buddy comes into play. It’s made such a difference to the way I see fitness that I just had to share it with you.

Whether you’re trying to strengthen your motivation or just get more out of each workout, it’s worth taking the time to find yourself the right gym buddy. I don’t mean a friend you’ll meet up with for a coffee in the gym cafe, I’m talking about someone who will make sure you show up, work out and kick your butt! So take the time to choose the right one – not all gym buddies are created equal.


I’ve been lucky enough to marry my gym buddy – although he actually only became my gym buddy after we tied the knot. Early days saw us having what can politely be called “heated discussions” in the gym, especially when it came to working out those abs – other women in the gym used fall into two camps; those who felt sorry for me, and those who were jealous and wanted my husband to train them!

But ultimately it’s about finding someone who is motivating, believes in you, pushes you to the very limit of your abilities and then a little more, is not competitive but rather, is 100% supportive and wants to see you succeed.

Every morning as we roll out of bed to get the children up, we’ll check with each other that we’re both going to the gym and we’ll plan our workouts so that we coincide sections of our training programmes. If either one of us is flagging for no real valid reason (such as a work meeting), we’ll encourage the other to put on the gym gear and just do it.  On days when he’s not with me, I’ll admit that I can be prone to not pushing myself as hard as I would if he was there, so I’ve actually found another part-time gym buddy – if he’s not there and she is, we’ll work out together.

Having a gym buddy just makes working out more fun, and let’s face it, you’re less likely to cancel on someone else than canceling on yourself. So if you know someone is relying on you to show up you’re more likely to make your workout. And the actual workout is more fun too – the number of times we’ve ended up in fits of laughter on the floor…! Trying out new exercises becomes easier to do – less intimidating in a gym full of people and we can learn from each other too. Neither of us wants to appear wimpish, so we’re both more likely to push ourselves harder of our own accord – it’s like have a personal trainer and spotter all in one.


At home, I tend to use my Slendertone Connect Abs Belt as an abs workout buddy too. The virtual trainer app on the iPhone keeps track of training goals and your journey towards them, motivating and supporting you along the way. It’s like having the ultimate Gym Buddy and perfect for people looking for virtual support for their training goals. Of course, regular toning needs to be just a part of your regular health and fitness regime – putting it all together with a healthy nutritional plan for the full benefits to your health and body confidence.



Using Slendertone regularly has helped me so much in achieving a strong and toned body, that my husband hasn’t needed to refer to the proven results from the 4-week clinical trials – he’s seen the effects on me and is now starting to use it on himself. Se we can buddy up not only in the gym, but at home with our Abs belt – yet more fun as it gets to work on the abs muscles, resulting in a stronger core.

And that’s what it’s about. Real results. I know I’ve said it many times before, but self-discipline and routine are the best routes to getting you there. It’s not all about vanity; it’s about doing it for yourself, feeling good and being the best you can be.

Using Slendertone regularly will help you achieve a strongtoned body and ultimately feel more confident in yourself. Remember, confidence is like a muscle; the more you use it the stronger it gets!

Getting results means focusing your mind on reaching your goals, staying motivated, developing good habits and leading a healthy, active lifestyle and Slendertone is there to support you along the way.

Slendertone Connect Abs Belt, buy here (UK) or here (US)

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