The Shoe Room #3: MiuMiu Glitter Sneakers


So Saturday’s Shoe Stash has been renamed as The Shoe Room – not least at the request of my children who have named one of the rooms in our home as such. Today’s post is a look at the very latest addition to The Shoe Room, which I thought I’d share with you as they have been getting such a lot of love from all my friends who’ve seen me wear them. Spring is definitely in the air and I wanted a pair of shoes that screams new season, both in terms of colour and style.

image2 image3 image1

If you follow me on instagram, you’ll already have seen a sneaky peak of these new beauties (yet another reason to make sure you’re following me – find me there @beautypassionista) but if not, here they are in all their glory. These Miu Miu sneakers called my name as soon as I saw them; they are the perfect transitional beauties to take me out of the dreary Winter months. The comfortable white sole puts a spring into my step, the glitter body of the shoe is fit for a princess (that’ll be me then!) and the smooth shiny gold toe cap adds just the right level of toughness to balance the girlieness of the glitter. There’s a hint of the rose gold in the glitter that appeals to my inner rose gold fetishist that I just couldn’t resist. The fact that they’re flat too means that I’ll be wearing them day and night; I’m totally into my statement flat shoes, all my beautiful high heels are currently languishing in The Shoe Room :((

They are a seriously snug fit, but given that they are plimsolls (extremely pretty plimsolls, but plimsolls nonetheless), that’s what I want, as they are bound to get looser with wear. I’m still “breaking them in” but I think these are going to be my Spring and Summer faves.


Miu Miu Glitter Sneakers, £340, here

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