Would you try a 5-day Fasting-Mimicking Diet? 5 days during which you eat just enough to keep going, but little enough to trick your body into thinking you’re fasting? Well, that’s just what the Prolon 5 day FMD Programme is; I did it last month and I’m about to do it again, this time I’ve bought it for my husband too (and I’d love for you do it with me – click here and use PASSIONISTA for 20% off your order).

(Also – check my Instagram REELS here for my day-by-day account of my experience on the FMD)

The science behind the health benefits of fasting is extremely exciting and more and more research is being done on the effects of dietary restriction on key ageing factors and disease, right down to a cellular level. Sure, it’s a great way to kick start a healthy lifestyle and weight-loss (because who hasn’t put on a few pounds through these multiple lockdowns we’ve been through) but fasting for health can even support us at a metabolic level.

Fasting in its purest form isn’t for everyone (although you all know I’ve been practising the 16:8 Intermittent Fasting for over three years now as part of my adrenal fatigue recovery) but I know many people who would baulk at the idea of missing a meal or trying to eat all their food within a restricted time period. So a Fasting-Mimicking Diet is the perfect way to reap all the health benefits without having to give up food in its entirety.

The key benefits of the Fasting-Mimicking Diet include:

Promotes cellular renewal – Autophagy is the name given to the body clearing out old, worn-out and damaged cells and waste materials. When the body goes into a fasted state, it’s able to better rejuvenate and renew at a cellular level.

Supports Metabolic Health – FMD can help you maintain healthier systolic blood pressure, can help improve blood sugar level control and possibly lower your risk of insulin resistance. 

Enhance Clarity & Performance – Fasting my have a powerful effect on brain healthand boost cognitive performance. Fans of FMD report feeling greater focus, clarity and energy toward the end and after completing the fast; I definitely felt this from Day 3 onwards.

Fat Focused Weight Loss – It’s a great way to kickstart a healthy lifestyle and eating plan, and the weight loss usually experienced (and average of 5 pounds) is fat-focused, protecting lean body and muscle mass.

Dr. Valter Longo, Ph.D, is the creator of FMD and is the Director of the Longevity Institute at the University of Southern California. He is the grandfather of the science of fasting and was named by TIME among the top 50 most influential people in Health.

For the Fasting Mimicking Diet® (FMD), Prof. Longo was awarded the first patent in history for ‘Promoting Longevity and Healthspan’. He discovered first how cells sense food and then devised the fasting-mimicking formulation, and finally conducted human trials to test the health benefits of the Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD).

I’d love to know if you are going to try this – I plan to do three rounds, one a month for three months, to replicate the clinical trials to aim to get the full benefits, but even after just one round, I can see the changes in my body and mental attitude to food and nutrition, so I’m super excited for round 2!

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