I’m a great believer in actions speaking louder than words.

Tell me you love me – that’s wonderful, but showing me through your deeds and your actions, that’s what really tells me I’m loved.

A phone-call in between lessons when you’re at school; that tells me you’re thinking of me (even if it’s just to ask me what’s for dinner!)

Forwarding me little quotes or instagram posts that you think I’ll like or will make me smile; that tells me you’re thinking of me. ( I’m embarrassed to tell you the number of cute cat videos my and daughter share with each other!)

Buying me cakes at the school Cake Sale; that tells me you love me (and the ever-increasing extra tyre around my midriff).

That said, a little gift on Mother’s Day is always appreciated.

The power of perfume as a gift is something I will never underestimate. Actually, the power of perfume. Period.

Back when I was a little girl (I’m talking long socks and big pants) my mother was an Avon lady and to this day, whenever I smell a perfume that reminds of a fragrance from her Avon stash, I’m immediately transported to those balmy summer days of the seventies, sitting next to her and watching intently as she organised her Avon bag before heading out, playing with as many products as I could before she put them away.

So yes, perfume is hugely important when it comes to memories; creating and recreating our own personal stories. And when you give the gift of perfume, how wonderful that every time your loved one sprays that perfume, they are reminded of you?

Currently, I’m loving the Stories Parfums; I’ve been wearing them everyday even during lockdown just to centre myself and inject some sense of normality into these weird COVID times.

In the spirit of giving, I want to share with you a special discount that Stories have given me to pass onto you (or anyone that’s buying for you, in case you felt like dropping some hints…)

Head to this LINK HERE and use the code AMBARINA15 at checkout for 15% off your purchases, including gift sets (but not gift cards).

If you don’t know what to buy for that special woman in your life, the 15ml comes in at a lovely price point and its handbag size is a great way to gift a fragrance without too much commitment upfront.

My code will be valid for you for the forseeable, so even if you didn’t get what you hoped you might on Mother’s Day, or if you got cash from your mother-in-law, it’s a nice way to treat yourself to something that will last longer than a box of chocolates.

Or you could just do what I do: I buy my present for myself, wrap it up and then give it to my husband and children to give to me. Saves them the guessing game of what I’d like, saves money being wasted on things no-one really wants being bought just for the sake of it.

Come on, I can’t be the only one who does that? Right?

Here’s the LINK – remember to use AMBARINA15 to get 15% off your order, including gift sets (the hand and body lotion is super moisturising as well as smelling divine)



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