You’d think that when we know that food is difficult to find in the shops (thanks to those hoarders out there who should be ashamed of themselves) and that we aren’t going out to buy food until it’s completely and utterly necessary, that I would be eating smaller portions to make it all last longer. Add to that the fact that we can’t go to the gym, you’d think I’d make a conscious effort to eat healthier and more consciously. Major fail. The more I’m in the house KNOWING I can’t go out, the more I want to snack and graze my way through the day. What’s that about?

I mean, let me clarify here so you understand my confusion at my own behaviour. I’m USED to being at home. I work from home. I’ve worked from home for over a decade. This is not new to me. I’m used to organising my day, my week, my quarter. I’m the queen of to-do lists (I even write them for my husband, much to his dismay!). I know what I eat on a daily and weekly basis, and it doesn’t change much – I like the routine of having pretty much the same lunch every day unless I’m meeting friends and going out for lunch (which isn’t happening anytime soon).

So why is it that as soon as I know I’m NOT ALLOWED to go out, I want to eat everything in sight? Even as I’m typing this now, I can feel the kitchen calling me, the snack cupboard whispering my name. Is this just human nature? Is it boredom? Surely it can’t be; I’m not bored, not yet. As I wrote HERE yesterday, I’m relishing having my children at home and not having the shape of my day determined by the school morning drop-off and afternoon pick-ups. So why do I feel my hunger pangs now when I didn’t before? I don’t actually have an answer for you; I guess this is all rhetorical, but if any of you can throw some light on the matter in the comments below, I’d be much obliged.

Today is officially the end of term for two of my three children (I feel sorry for my youngest, her school doesn’t break up until 2nd April, so she has online lessons until then, poor thing) so I guess, in and amongst the lockdown / lock-in, we are also now moving into Easter holiday mode. Not that it makes much difference – we’re still social distancing, staying in and keeping ourselves and others safe.

Today we took a rest day from DAILY LIVE WORKOUTS on Instagram but all that energy had to go somewhere, so I’ve begun the massive decluttering that my house is crying out for. It feels so good and energising to clear space and throw things out – when I went downstairs to fill my water bottle my daughter asked me how much sugar I’d had, such was my energy high! I predict many households will more than likely be doing the same and Spring Cleaning this year will probably be the most thorough it has been in a generation.

For today’s outfit, I kept it casual, but I couldn’t resist a little colour and a little sparkle, so I wore a sequin and lurex threaded Marcus Lupfer jumper in what’s turning out to be my favourite colour and the most out-there tracksuit bottoms I own by Ganni – I love how happy this shade of bubblegum pink makes me… it literally lifts the spirits! (I’ll try to link similar pieces below, but these exact pieces are all old and sold out – I’m still shopping my wardrobe according to the plan).

How do you organise your time when your days just seem to stretch out in front of you? Are you a list person like me? Or are you just winging it from hour to hour, day-to-day? Have you tried the pop-of-colour trick to keep your spirits up? Let’s chat in the comments below.

Stay well, stay safe and stay at home.








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