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how to apply false lashes

Do you like the look of false lashes for a night out but can’t get on with them at all? I’m notoriously bad at applying false lashes. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve tried, and failed, to apply them, normally before a big night out when I want to look a bit special. But trying to apply them is a sure fire way to put me in a bad mood.

It normally goes a little something like this: I do my makeup, with a nice smokey eye. I start the process of applying the false lashes. The first one normally goes on quite well. The glue gets tacky to the right level and it sticks to the eye well in the right place. Yay! One glam looking eye. Then we get to the second eye. I mean, maybe I have odd shaped eyes – is that it? Whatever it is, what could go wrong, normally does. The glue isn’t sticky when I apply the lash to the eye, it goes on in the wrong place and it invariably doesn’t stick properly – the inner corner is the usual culprit for popping up or poking me in the eye. After much adjustment and frustration, my eyes are watering so much that I end up taking the whole thing off. My eye makeup is ruined and I end up taking off my entire makeup and starting all over again, right from the beginning, this time not making the foolish mistake of even thinking I’ll try to apply false lashes. Two coats of mascara (and a whole new face of makeup) later, and I’m walking out of the door, late as usual and mood ruined. But, even more fool me, I love the look of a full voluminous lash. I’ve tried lash extensions a few times and I love them but I hate that in-between appointment stage when they start to fall and thin out.

So I’ve been more than a little curious to try out some of the newer false lash options. CHECK OUT MY LATEST VIDEO to see how I got on with the three options I experimented with and let me know which one is your favourite.

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