how to lose weight 4.5lg in 3 weeks

I’ve been on a bit of a mission. I’ve decided to stop mucking about with trying to lose the excess weight I’ve been carrying and actually do something about it. With my birthday looming on the horizon, I wanted to take proper action and stop just paying lip service to the oft lamented “oh, I really need to lose some weight”.

There’s one eating plan that’s always worked for me, so now that I’m getting serious about it, I decided to go back to it. It’s never failed me and it’s so easy to stick to. It’s The Fine Diet, prescribed at Harley Street’s Fine Clinic. It’s tried and tested by normal people like you and me and celebrities alike, done under doctor supervision, and best of all, it’s now, finally, after 50 years of The Fine Diet, available as an e-book on Amazon which you can read on either your Kindle or on iBooks – HERE

Watch my THREE VLOGS (part one below) to follow me on my three week journey as I undergo the diet again – I’ll take you with me to each of my appointments and you’ll hear directly from the doctors at The Fine Clinic why this diet works, including an exclusive interview with Dr Helen Porritt, the owner of the Fine Clinic and author of The Fine Diet e-book.

The first of the videos is here, but if you also want to read the review of the diet I wrote 9 and a half years ago, that’s here for you too.

I know there’ll be lots of questions along the way, so please don’t feel shy or embarrassed to ask anything you want to, either here under this blog post, under the video over on YouTube, or you can always DM on instagram @BeautyPassionista

Buy the e-book here – CLICK THIS LINK   (not sponsored, not affiliate, just sharing the love)

Here’s the blog post I wrote about my experience with the diet 9 years ago (but make sure to watch the video for an exclusive interview with Dr Helen Porritt, the owner of the Fine Clinic and author of The Fine Diet e-book.)


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