Jurlique deluxe nutri define antiageing skincare

This is the first time I’ve come back from holiday with my skin even better than it was before I went away, so although I’ve just got back, I wanted to tell you all about the skincare I took with me and what’s made such a difference in two weeks. 

You know how it is on holiday… too much sun, too many late nights, you’re out of your routine and may get a little lax with your skincare. This year, I took fewer skincare products with me; my skincare maths thinking went a little like this:

fewer options = less choices = takes less time to do my skincare


I’m more likely to to not let anything go by the wayside

Jurlique skincare nutri define

So this year, my mainstay was the Jurlique Nutri-Define Deluxe Face Care skincare collection as I wanted to trial it properly – described as the ultimate in natural anti-ageing skincare, it’s a carefully curated range including a gentle purifying cleanser, an essence, a luxurious eye cream and a lightweight (so it was perfect for the Andalusian heat) moisturising lotion.

Simple, uncomplicated, just the necessities without any confusing steps.

It was only this morning, back in London, as I got out of the shower and saw my face in the mirror that I realised what a difference the skincare had made, so here I am tapping away furiously at my keyboard to tell you all about it.

The products incorporate Biosome5 technology which targets all the advanced signs of ageing, including deep lines, wrinkles, sagging skin and uneven skin tone.

Jurlique Nutri Define cleanser

The Nutri-Define Refining Foaming Cleanser is a nourishing creamy cleanser that contains very delicate polishing beads. Gentle enough to use daily, it was great slough off the dead skin cells and felt very hydrating and purifying. By the way, the granular beads are derived from jojoba oil, so they’re naturally derived, not synthetic and non-polluting to the environment.

The Activating Water Essence works like a very special modern-day toner. Ever since discovering essences, I’ve been obsessed with them for adding a serious boost of hydration to my skin without adding weight or “tackiness” to my skin. As lightweight as water, I just press a few drops into my skin with the palm of my hand; immediately my skin feels hydrated, plumped and ready to absorb my moisturiser.

Jurlique eye contour balm nutri define

Nutri-Define Eye Contour Balm is the heaviest of the four products in the collection, and I’m so glad it is! The eye area is where I (and most of us) show the first signs of ageing and for me, the first signs of dry or dehydrated skin. This balm is formulated with “five key potent botanicals to address the multiple signs of ageing: Horseradish to help improve firmness and elasticity; Rosemary to enliven the skin to help it look and feel rejuvenated; Peppermint to revitalise dull skin while improving uneven skin texture; Mulberry, high in antioxidants and phenolic compounds to protect skin, brighten skin tone and reduce the appearance of skin discolouration and Glycogen, derived from pearlescent sea shells, it helps to reinforce the skin’s natural defences and provides skin-firming benefits.”

It comes with a little metal ball spatula (which I keep in the fridge alongside my jade rollers) to dispense just the right amount and to massage it into the delicate eye area.

jurlique nutri define moisturising replenishing lotion

Last but not least in the Deluxe Face Care Set is the Nutri-Define Restorative Hydrating Emulsion. Extremely lightweight, yet still infused with the Biosome5 technology, this was perfect for everyday hydration with intensely anti-ageing benefits. My skin felt perfectly moisturised all day, comfortably replenished without feeling like I was wearing a “mask” of skincare on my face in the 34*C temperatures on holiday. As it left a beautifully satin-matte finish to my skin, this (and my bronzed tan courtesy of the sun) meant I felt no need to wear any makeup on my skin on holiday. (Side note: the husband was ever so pleased by this, as it meant I was ready to go out for dinner in literally minutes!)

If you’re looking to up your anti-ageing skincare I’d highly recommend any, and all, of these products.

As ever, any questions about any of these, feel free to message me – either here in the comments, via instagram, twitter or whichever way works for you.



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