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Online Drugstore Tramadol

Miners Eyeshadows

I’m loving these new eyeshadows from Miners, they’re everything you want from an eyeshadow at only £3.49 for the Solos and £3.99 for the Trios – what more do you want?They’re what I would call medium-pigmented, super smooth, finely milled and blend really beautifully – all of which is great to find in a high street brand.The Solos Luna and Stardust Jewel and Nautical L-R: Luna, Stardust, Emerald and Nautical…
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Miners Spring Summer Nails – Part 3 NOTD

Did you guess right?Yesterday, and a few days before that, I posted about the new Miners nail colours.  I don’t normally give three blog posts about a nail varnish collection, but I’ve been bowled over by the quality of the colour, formulation, application and staying power of these little beauties, ESPECIALLY as they;re only £2.99 each!Yes, you read that right, £2.99 each! That’s even cheaper than Mavala, for goodness sake!Anyhow,…
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Miners Spring Summer Nails – Part 2 NOTD

So, I’ve had a little play with the five Miners nail varnishes that I wrote about a few days ago, which you can read about here.And this is what they look like on. Jezebel Marshmallow Mango Tango Keepin’ It Teal Sunny Side Up Can you guess which one I went with for a full manicure?
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