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Tramadol Prescription Online

Soulmate Food – Pre-Holiday Juice Cleanse Detox #FitBod

What is it about the summer holidays that gets us all in a frenzy about our appearance.  As predictable as ever, a few weeks before the planned (and now delayed) holiday, I got busy with a detox.  It was ever thus. This year’s abstinence was going to be more hardcore, more puritan and more on-trend than any detox I’ve undertaken before.  Yup, you guessed it, I went the whole hog…
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Pantene Pro-V and Cancer Hair Care

Cancer is the silent killer amongst us.  With callous disregard for age, gender, and even lifestyle choices, it really is the great leveller and as yet there is still no cure, although fingers crossed, in our lifetime.  Chances are we each of us know someone who has suffered, or at the very least, know someone who knows someone who has.The double whammy comes when a woman is being treated for…
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Aveda Stress-Fix

I’ve been more than a little bit stressed recently, for various reasons that I won’t go into here, so these two beauties from Aveda have literally been a godsend!The Body Lotion not only smells beautifully of lavender, it’s also, very creamy and über-moisturising. I’ve been slathering it on every morning after my shower and at night too, for a restful sleep. Just to give you an idea of how thick…
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Bach Rescue Soothing Pastilles

I never used to be a handbag girl – I’m ALL ABOUT THE SHOES, as anyone who’s met me will know all too well.But recently, the lure of covetable arm candy has been all too difficult to ignore.  I’m now a bona fide shoe AND bag girl.  Even worse, I’ve succumbed to the sin of carrying around far too much than is good for my little arms, but it seems…
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