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The Diet: Saints & Slimmers – The Verdict #FitBod

Yippeeee! I’ve done it! I’ve stuck to the diet for two weeks, managed not to cheat by sneakily eating all sorts in between the meals that were delivered to me and, in the words of the song, “I’m feeling good”!!! Avid readers of the blog (is that you?) will have seen a few posts about the Saints & Slimmers diet that I’ve been following. Without repeating myself (you can read…
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The Diet: Saints & Slimmers – The Update #FitBod

So I’m now half way through the two week trial of Saints & Slimmers, the diet delivery programme that I wrote about HERE, so I thought it was about time I posted a little update on how it’s going so far.I’ll admit, although I know full well that to lose weight, I needed to keep to around 1000 calories a day, I was a little apprehensive about how I’d actually…
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The Diet: Saints & Slimmers #FitBod

I’ve neither been a saint nor a slimmer in recent months. Life has taken over, gym visits have been less frequent and the focus on keeping my weight at the magic number has been a blur on the horizon. The problem with things ‘on the horizon’ is that they always get closer to you as you move ahead with life. And so it is that I have to attend an…
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Ki Bod Pod – Hi-Tech Health #FitBod

Yikes! Facing up to reality is never an easy task, and even worse when you see it printed in black and white.  There’s just no getting away from the truth when it’s all laid out for you on A4, is there?But sometimes, a short sharp shock is what’s needed to make you realise you’re just fooling yourself.  Actually, I’m not fooling anyone, even myself.  I’m more like an ostrich with…
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