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Purchase Tramadol Uk

A Facial Workout

Slender.  Tone.  Two words that conjure up a whole host of images.  Lithe bodies, super-sleek, taut skin, beautiful muscle definition.  I’ve long had a Slendertone for the dreaded tummy area but I was lucky enough to be asked to go along to the (re)launch of the Slendertone Face. Banish all thoughts of cumbersome, unattractive torturous machinery all over your face.  The Slendertone Face is a beautifully designed, futuristic-looking headset-style apparatus…
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YSL Touche Eclat Foundation – Le Teint Touche Eclat

Touche Eclat is iconic in the world of beauty products.  Even if you don’t wear any other make-up, the highlighting light reflecting wand is almost indispensable in just about every women’s make-up bag.  I’m sure there some statistic that would tell us that there’s one sold every something seconds, but suffice to say, it’s a rare woman (and some men!) that hasn’t heard of it. So you can imagine the…
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Holiday Hair Saviours – SOS Hair in Distress Part 7

I normally return from holiday looking a little like Worzel Gummidge’s long lost sister.  Weeks of mediterranean sun, coupled with daily attacks of chlorinated water (I only ever swim on holiday, it seems) means that my hair comes back about six shades lighter and the texture of straw.I kid you not.  And blonde on an Indian girl is NOT a good look, in my book.Last year, I thought I’d got…
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Illamasqua Generation Q Empower Eye Palette

Illamasqua has long been the darling of beauty bloggers and make-up aficionados but I really think their latest collection is going to appeal to a much bigger and far-reaching audience. Named Generation Q, Illamasqua has brought shimmer and shine into very wearable formulas. Aimed at the more mature woman (or man!) who might otherwise shy away from shiny, over-shimmery, laden with glitter formulas, this is what they call “permissible shimmer”. No…
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