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Weight Loss Update & What I’m Using… #FitBod (Part One)

It’s been quite a while since my last weight loss update, mainly because there’s been none. Weight loss, that is. What with the children off school for the summer ( 9 whole weeks and yes, I counted every one!) and then my mother in hospital for 6 weeks, eating well and exercising has sadly gone by the wayside. But with my birthday looming on the horizon (well, three months away, but…
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Goldsign Jeans…& Weight Loss Update #FitBod

Fed up of having a wardrobe full of clothes that I can’t quite fit into (more on that later), I decided a new pair of jeans that actually fit me now (as opposed to when I lose some weight!) was on the cards. So it was that this pair of Goldsign Marcie jeans happened to come home with me last week. I’ve never worn a pair of Goldsign before, but…
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New(ish) in My Closet & Weight Loss #FitBod

You might have seen this photo on my instagram account (go follow me there if you’re not – I’m on there as @beautypassionista) and it got me thinking – this pic features some of favourite Spring bits, so I thought I’d put together a little post about a couple of my Spring closet updates. First off, the shoes – aaaah, are these just perfection or what? I’m not going to go…
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Health & Fitness Week: It’s a Wrap… #FitBod

So it’s all been about health and fitness here on BP this week and I hope it’s been a fun ride through what I’m focussing on to get back to a better version of myself.  In case you’ve missed any, here’s a quick roundup to click through …. so settle down with a cup of (green) tea and enjoy… The necessary kit (including the sport bra to trump all sport…
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