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Well, it’s been an age since we last had a blog post here. August has literally whizzed by, July too for that matter, so a little catch-up is well overdue. The short version is that I was away for all of July and for most of August too. I decided a proper break was necessary and stepped back from most of my social media platforms to some extent so that I could actually enjoy the family holiday, and not spend most of it on my phone. (Aside from the reels which I loved making for INSTAGRAM). And the upshot of that is, as we head into Autumn (or Fall, if you’re reading this from over the pond), that I’m feeling ready to head into the new season with renewed energy and passion.

The longer version? Where do we start?

The UK has mostly opened up, in terms of Covid restrictions, with three-quarters of adults now double-vaccinated and life really does seem like it’s getting back to some sort of normal. Travel still requires lots of extra forms to be filled, PCR tests and extra waiting in lines, but I’m not complaining; I was lucky to get away to Spain for a few days in June for a long weekend with friends and then again for over a month in July and August with the family for some much needed R&R and quality time together.  A few extra forms and swabs from the nose and throat were all that was needed, along with 10 days of quarantining on my return back in June, but nothing that was too much to deal with, and if it keeps us as safe as we can be, then I’m all for it.

And after that, a short but packed trip to Scotland, ostensibly to go see potential universities for my daughter, but we managed to make a really lovely family trip out of it and I’m now in love with the Scottish coast and can’t wait to go back there for another visit.

Being by the beach for so long over the summer months reignited my love for running (that and the fact that my Achilles heels’ injuries seem to be recovered, fingers crossed) and I managed to run over 150km during my Spanish summer holiday. The challenge, of course, is to keep up the momentum now that we’re back in grey and dreary London. Any music playlists to motivate, please send them my way!

You may have seen that I tried out the Prolon Fasting Mimicking Diet back in May? Well, I loved the results SO MUCH that I’ve since done two more rounds over the summer, and my husband even joined in and did the 5-day programme with me. (If you want to know more about it, CLICK HERE to watch my video and CLICK HERE to try it out for yourself with a 20% discount by using the code PASSIONISTA)

School holidays are almost over; just a few days before the children go back to school for the new term and it’s all systems go over here, as both my two girls have BIG exams this academic year.

Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year and there’s so much to look forward to, from the glorious colours of the leaves as they turn from green to rust, to the incoming new season fashions and makeup colours.

I hope you’ve also had a wonderful summer creating precious memories to look back on, but likewise, I hope you have a great Autumn to look forward to.

Wishing you all good health, happiness and peace for September!

Love, A xx



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