I managed to get away for a last-minute long weekend away to Marbella on a girls-only trip, but as I came to pack for the getaway, I realised that I’d forgotten HOW to pack. And I can’t be the only one? It’s been almost 18 months since we last flew anywhere, so, even though I’m an indecisive packer at the best of times, this had me like a rabbit in the headlights.

So, post-trip, back home and isolating for 10 days (although I have high hopes for my 5-Day Test & Release this evening) I thought I’d gather up the best tips on what to pack for a short fun weekend away, as suggested by you via Instagram comments and from our personal experience.

Roll Your Clothes: This seems like the most popular tip; when you’re going for a short weekend away, the likelihood is that you’re either packing cabin-luggage only or, at the very most, a small check-in bag. (Anyone else been that girl who showed up with a huge check-in bag when everyone else was hand luggage only?) So rolling your clothes when packing not only affords you the ability to pack more items into a small space, you’ll have minimised creasing and the need for ironing at the other end. It’s a Win-Win!

Pack Light & Shop There: This might just be my favourite tip… because who needs just the slightest excuse to shop for clothes when you’re on holiday!

Make A List Ahead Of Time… And Stick To It: This was my saving grace. A list created in Notes in my iPhone was where I collated anything that came to mind as and when, so when the time came to pack, it was a breeze.

Emergency Snack: Never underestimate the importance and need of a well-timed snack! Especially when you’re stuck on a delayed flight, sitting on the tarmac and they’ve yet to hand out the peanuts. Just saying  ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Reading Book or Kindle: While it’s great to have quality time with your girlfriends on a weekend away, everyone needs a little downtime from time to time. There’s nothing like losing yourself in a good book, whether it’s by the pool or beach or early in the morning before anyone else is up (if you’re an early riser like me)

Gym Clothes: Self-explanatory really, if there’s a gym or running track, you’re going to wish you’d brought your workout kit.

5 Swimsuits – Or One For Each Day: Noone wants to put on a still-slightly-damp cozzie from the day before. AND. MORE IMPORTANTLY. You’ve got x number of days to make an impact by the pool or beach. You might as well make the most of it and take a different swimsuit for each day of your trip. Not forgetting that a really beautiful swimsuit can make for a stunning evening top.

Hair Oils: Let’s face it, hair gets frizzy on holiday – it’s just a fact of life. A good hair oil will put back what the sun, sea and salt have taken out and can also be used as a styling aid for blowdrying or for a slicked-back look (so sexy on holiday with a tan and red lipstick).

Portable Speaker: Again, self-explanatory. Life’s always better with music.

Lavender Mist/Candle: I find sleeping away other than my own bed with my own pillow so difficult, but obviously that’s not an option. So anything you can do to create the same ambiance and feel at bedtime will aid sleep; taking the same pillow mist you use at home will help to create the same familiarity and help you sleep. As will a favourite candle. Which leads me onto…

Eye Mask & Pillowcase: In an ideal world I’d take my pillow with me on every trip, but it’s a heavy memory foam one, so that’s just not feasible, from both the luggage weight and space point of view. Taking my Silk Pillowcase and Eye Mask with me replicates at least a little of my home comforts (and the mask means that even if the curtains aren’t fully blackout, I’m not going to be woken up unnecessarily early by the morning light streaming in).

Charcoal Tablets: this from one of the girls on my trip, and a tip I’m definitely going to be using next time I travel, whenever that may be! Eating different foods, irregular eating patterns and just generally overindulging in things you might not normally at home, all can play havoc with your digestive system, so this is a great addition to the packing list from here on in. Essential to eliminate bloating and the inevitable toxins.

There’s more, but I want to leave it here, and I want to hear from you what your best packing tips are – share them in the comments below, and here’s to traveling again post-COVID times!


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