I don’t know about you, but I’ve gone past melting point in this current heatwave so I wanted to jot down some of my coping strategies, if, like me, you live in the UK and you don’t have AC in your home (like the majority of us, I’m guessing).

First and foremost, it’s vitally important to stay hydrated. Sounds obvious, but with this level of heat, your body is losing water even when you don’t think it is. Take sleeping for instance (if by some miracle you are getting any sleep in these heat), on an average day, you lose approximately 1 litre of water every night. So by definition, we are waking up dehydrated, hot and bothered. Add these current equatorial temperatures into the mix and it’s no wonder we wake up feeling lethargic before we’ve even begun to start our day. And now, there is new research coming out looking at how sleep deprivation can make us even more dehydrated.

So, as soon as you get up, drink water. This will help to replace your water loss immediately. Around half a litre (16oz) at least is good. You’ll feel more human and more able to face the heat ahead of you.

Don’t drink coffee as soon as you get up – it acts a diuretic and will just make you feel even more drained!

Again, sounds obvious, but try to dress for the weather. Yes, it’s lovely to wear a flouncy summer dress, but all that extra fabric will just trap your heat around you even more, especially so if they’re made of synthetic fabrics. They look great for summer instagram pics, not so good for keeping you cool.

Stick to natural fabrics – cotton, linen and silk will be your best friends – and loose styles; no one needs a body con dress in this heat!

My key tip is this: carry a facial mist or spritz with you at all times and use it copiously to cool the body down. I keep mine in the fridge for extra cooling properties. I’ve linked some of my favourites down below (including one I’ve been using to set my makeup) but let me know your faves too.

Talking of the fridge, I have friends who keep their bedsheets and pillowcases in the freezer and they swear by this tip. I haven’t tried it yet (it seems like too much bother), but I’m sorely tempted!

A really quick and easy tip I’ve already shared on my Instagram (follow me here if you don’t already), is to hold your inner wrists under cold running water for a couple of minutes. The effect of cooling down the pulse points is immediate and really does help. Likewise, a cold damp cloth placed around the back of the neck is very effective too – thanks to Shannon @oysterstopearls who left this tip on my Instagram post. (An added bonus tip? Put it in the freezer for an extra chill.)

There are so many more ways to stay cool, but this is what I’ve been doing. 

I’ll just leave you with one more… again, a very obvious one but you’d be amazed at how many people complain about the heat whilst making this mistake…

Stay out of the sun! Staying indoors during the hottest hours of the day (around 11am till around 3pm) will make a huge difference. And if you must be outdoors, then for goodness sake stay in the shade whenever possible and wear a hat.

Hope this helps, and let me know your coping strategies too in the comments below.

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