It started out so well… so positive, so motivated, every day was an opportunity to use all that extra time to achieve all those things I’d constantly been putting off. So where did it all go wrong?

I’m talking, of course, about the UK lockdown which lasted almost 9 weeks in total, and if I’m really honest, I’m still kinda living as if most of the lockdown rules till apply (I have two high-risk little people in the house, so I have to still be quite wary).

Fo the first two months, I got up at the same time every day, got dressed properly every day – from head to toe, I might add, not just the top half for zoom calls, and actually, now that I think about it, I DID manage to achieve some impressive goals, even if I say so myself: I created and launched a fitness and weight-loss app for women over 40 which has already been a huge success, did live workouts on instagram for my followers nearly every day, sorted out the garden so that I’m now loving the idea of being out there this whole summer (like so many others, we’re not going abroad for a summer holiday this year), took ‘outfit of the day’ mirror selfies most days, uploaded regular blog posts most days, regular posts on my instagram… and so much more.

But then…

It all went quiet, didn’t it? I just lost my blogging inspiration and for the longest time I couldn’t figure out why… and even worse, I just couldn’t get it back.

But now, with hindsight, it’s all beginning to come into focus and I thought I’d share here with you in case any of you have also been feeling the same way.

So for me, it all began to change when the glorious weather we were having at the start of lockdown left us. I’m so affected by the weather. I know I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and I know I go on about it over on my Instagram (follow me here), and I know I really need to get myself a special light that will help me (I’ve linked some I’m currently considering but PLEASE leave your recommendations for the best one if you already have one) but as of now, I still don’t have one.

So when the beautiful bright sunny days morphed into grey, dull, overcast and rainy days, that was the turning point for me. Then, in addition, we had the first Eid under lockdown – we couldn’t meet family or friends, we couldn’t celebrate as normally would, couldn’t gather together for a big celebratory meal and parties… in fact, the whole of Ramadan was so sad as we couldn’t meet for our social iftharis (when we meet with friends to break the fast together – not that I was fasting, but we still meet up!). So with none of that happening, it felt like a non-event and yet another nail in my motivation to get up and achieve.

And with all the travel bans and quarantine in place (and government advice constantly changing at the drop of a hat), we’re not going to our holiday home in Spain this year at all; yet another reason to feel down.

Now, as  I write, the sun has come back and promises to be with us for a few days before it disappears again, and as if by magic, I’m feeling more positive, more motivated, more energetic. (I think it’s pretty clear the lesson I need to learn from this is to buy a light TODAY!)

I’ve been out doing a morning run again – something I hadn’t really done for a few years and I don’t know why I stopped. It makes me so happy and has made such a difference to my disposition (not to mention my energy levels and weight!)

I’ve woken up with a whole list of things I want to do and need to achieve; videos I want to film for my YouTube channel, videos for my IGTV, more blog posts I want to write, new makeup and skincare I need to trial, outfits I want to wear and post…

We have our second Eid on the horizon, and even though the government is warning of a second peak of the virus on the horizon, this time, I’m super happy to get dressed up and full makeup, even though hardly anyone will see it… but I’m doing it for me, for my own happiness and my own sanity and mental well-being.

These earrings are from Collection by Nadia and I’ll be wearing these for Eid… haven’t figured out my outfit yet, but I’ll make sure to post it here when I do.

So I want to know, did YOU see your motivation peak and wane? 

What do you do to keep yourself as positive as humanly possible?


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  1. 29 July 2020 / 9:26 pm

    I noticed my motivation waning the last few weeks. I’d get bursts of energy and creativity. I got my friend a sad light and she found it helpful. I got it from Amazon….Azhien sad light day lamp. Hope it helps x

    • 16 August 2020 / 1:56 pm

      Ah thanks Majean… I’ll check this one out on amazon too…so glad you found something to help xx

  2. 20 September 2020 / 3:10 pm

    blogging is the best thing during the lockdown.

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