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Everyone seems to be going on about decluttering, Marie Kondo-ing the living daylights out of their house and home and generally clearing out, especially now that we’re going into the 9th week of lockdown and probably going crazy just looking at all the stuff around us in our homes.

But here’s the thing. I don’t want to get rid of everything. And that surprises me. And bothers me a bit too, if I’m honest.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love a clear out as much as the next person. I love that feeling when you’ve gone through your wardrobe, taken out all the things you never wear, dropped them off to a charity shop, and then purvey your newly organised shelves, hanging rails and drawers – that satisfaction of seeing everything beautifully organised and laid out just makes you want to ‘shop your own wardrobe’…and as much as there’s ample time to do a mega-clear out right now, something is holding me back.

I have, though, been going through my wardrobes, pulling things out, hanging things that might previously have been folded (or, horror of horrors, scrunched up at the back of the shelf)… in essence, I’ve been reorganising what I have, but very little, aka almost nothing, has gone into the sell or charity shop pile.

So I got to thinking, why can’t I let go of the things I no longer wear and probably won’t wear again even after we come out the other side of COVID-19, this awful pandemic that has swept our planet.

And the only thing I can come up with is that too much is changing right now, and I don’t want to introduce more change than I can handle. I want to keep as much as I can under my control.

And most importantly, I think it’s a case of holding onto what’s familiar and comfortable. With so much out of our control right now, so much unknown, so much shifting on a daily basis, we don’t know where we stand on so many things. How long will this continue? Will there be a second wave? Will the second wave be worse than the first? When will there be a vaccine? Will there even be a vaccine at all (something I heard in yesterday’s news bulletins).

One of the key things that have been keeping me going (and I suspect, many of you too) is sticking to some sort of routine. Admittedly, it’s an adapted and different routine to the one I had pre-Corona Virus but it’s a routine all the same. I’m sticking to my morning lemon-and-warm-water in the morning, my daily and weekly skincare routine, my regular meal choices for lunch, even my regular hair wash routine. We try to keep some sort of delineation between weekdays and weekends in terms of what we do with the children (now that school term has started again, this bit is definitely easier).

It may feel old hat, but it’s my coping mechanism to keeping sane and positive.

That’s not to say I haven’t tried to rise the challenge of the extra time at home and the extra hours at my disposal. In the time we’ve been in lockdown, I’ve formulated The GlowUp Method, a fitness and wellbeing programme, created, marketed and launched an app, enrolled 10 women to be my founding members (we’re just going into Week 3 of the 6-week programme with such great results so far).

Alpha H Skincare Vitamin A B C E Serums | BeautyPassionista

We’ve Karcher-ed our massive patio and all the wooden garden furniture, we’ve done regular workouts in the garden as a family, I’ve read umpteen books, including lots of non-fiction I wouldn’t have had the mind space for before, I’ve introduced new products into my skincare wardrobe like these gorgeous Vitamin Serums from Alpha H Skincare (more on that over on my instagram here)… I’ve even started putting up the odd video on TikTok (go follow me here).

But when it comes to my wardrobe, I’m holding on to the known and familiar. To the old friends hanging on the rails, the clothes that have sentimental value, that have happy or valuable memories or just bring me joy to look at them. The shoes I’ve bought for special occasions, or have literally hunted down from different countries if they weren’t available here. The limited-edition bags that I would never be able to replace with “just another bag” later on. To get rid of them would be like getting rid of good friends that have always been there for me, saying goodbye just for the sake of it because I ran out of space in my address book. Sure, I’m happy to reorganise and ‘re-file’ my collection, so that the wardrobes look better, more coordinated and better ‘catalogued’, but I’m damned if I’m getting rid of any of the pieces that I’ve bought and curated so carefully over the years. I mean, I have two daughters – doesn’t it make sense to keep things for them?  (Let’s be clear – I’m not talking Zara or HM, but my more expensive designer bags, shoes, and clothing.)

When we went into lockdown, I’m pretty sure my husband thought he could get me to have a good old clean out and downsize my collection, especially my shoes and boots, which have always been my thing, ever since I was a little girl (my shoe collection goes back well over 25 years).

Let’s just say he’s given up on that idea.

Where do you stand on the throwout vs reshuffle and reorganise debate? Let me know in the comments


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  1. Catarina
    18 May 2020 / 7:11 pm

    I hadn’t realised you’ve launched an app – super well done gorgeous!

    • 16 August 2020 / 5:34 pm

      Thank you! Yes, I can’t quite believe it myself… now working on making it even better 🙂

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