Wednesday lunchtime as I write this and we’re now exactly halfway through this current period of three weeks’ lockdown in the UK and although I’m feeling a little under the weather (nothing serious I hope), I think I’m beginning to find my rhythm and routine, and I hope you are too? I’m not gonna lie, I’m actually loving this slower pace, as I think I *may* have mentioned in previous blog posts; bizarrely, it’s a slower pace but I’ve been more productive every day since lockdown than I can ever remember being. Not sure the same can be said for my memory – the days blur into each other and I honestly can’t remember if I’ve said all this before without going back and reading the previous blog posts. But what I really wanted to talk about today is what I’m calling The Chrysalis Effect.

Even if you’re working from home, there’s no denying most of us (not all) do have extra time on our hands and I know from my messages, emails and DMs, so many of you are putting this to good use with some long-overdue self-care. Whether it’s making the effort to do a weekly hair mask or at-home facial, a proper skincare routine morning and/or evening or just taking the time to consciously drink enough water every day, it’s the little things that over time will add up to a better version of ourselves.

 From Chrysalis to Butterfly

Sure, we’ll all be in dire need of a haircut and hair colour (I’m talking roots, people!) by the time we emerge, but a little DIY never hurt anybody and will make us appreciate our salon appointments all the more when the time returns. Threading appointments, nail appointments and waxing appointments will be like gold dust when the salons open again, but until then, there are things we can do, and should be doing anyway, for our maintenance. And who knows, when the time comes and we can head out to the salons again, perhaps we’ll keep up some of the good habits we’re putting in place right now?

So I thought in these daily blog posts, I’ll not only talk about what’s going on in my head, but also the kinds of things I’m doing and any products I’ve used that day, in case it helps any of you? I’m not buying anything, instead using up what I already have in my stash (not really fair, I know, as I’m guessing my stash is predictably larger than most of yours) but just in case it jogs your memory for something that you’ve got in your beauty cupboards or shelves that you’ve always meant to use to use but forgotten you have?

Anyway, here are some of the things I’ve been lax at but now getting back into a regular routine:

  • I’m taking a daily check on my brows to keep them in shape – much each easier to do this than wait till they’re totally overgrown and then I have no idea what to pluck and what to leave in place!
  • I’ve added in a facial oil into my daily skincare routine, really taking the time to massage it in until I see my skin glowing. At night time I’m using the Emma Hardie Brilliance Facial Oil and in the mornings I’m using the new Rodial Pink Diamond Lifting Oil.
  • The Alpha H Liquid Gold Luxe Resurfacing Body Wipes are keeping my scaly skin at bay – I’m using these twice a week.
  • Still taking my daily collagen supplements – my favourite one is the Rejuvenated Collagen Shots as you all know, but I’m currently trying out a new one from Beauty Hacker – I’ll report back when I’ve taken them for a while longer
  • All the decluttering I’ve been doing has thrown up things that I never got around to using, especially face masks – the cream kind and the sheet kind, so there’s a lot of masking action going on
  • Terrible thing to admit, but I’m now much more regimented about flossing my teeth – not missed a day in the last three weeks
  • Hair masking is happening with every hair wash – I only wash my hair twice a week maximum and I have very dry hair, so this works for me, but it might be too much for some of you.

Also, I thought I’d list in these daily blog posts anything I’m using that particular day…

  • Today, I’ll be using my Footner Foot Mask – we won’t be going anywhere for quite a while, so as this takes about a fortnight to peel the dead skin off your feet, this seems like the perfect time to use it.

All the extra time and effort we’re putting into self-care, along with a focus on ourselves and our families, realigning our priorities, our daily workouts (HERE) and 10 minutes of meditation that so many of us are also trying to fit in regularly too means I hope we’ll emerge from this isolation period much like a chrysalis into a butterfly – a better, brighter and more beautiful version of ourselves, inside and out.

How are you using your time? Are you taking things slower? Or are you setting yourself goals and challenges? Are you taking more time for self-care and self-pampering? Let me know…











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