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I started this post last week, fully expecting it go up here on the blog on Friday. It’s now Wednesday and I’ve decided it’s probably best to rewrite. The original blog post was inspired by this picture (below) which you’ll have seen on Friday on my Instagram

…but since then things have changed and moved on so quickly that I think I’ll save that little heart to heart for another day. ( I promise I won’t forget).

Day by day the virus and its awful effects are moving closer and closer to us all. Friends, friends of friends, friends of family, now even key government officials are suffering from the virus. Boris Johnson, our Prime Minister, has now been in intensive care for two nights. Key health workers are stricken by the virus – doctors and nurses valiantly working every day on the frontline have passed away from having caught the virus. I’m almost scared to switch on the news. We’re doing whatever we can to help, however little it might be and that main thing is to stay home, stay safe, protect our NHS and save as many lives as we can. I’ve signed up to be a NHS volunteer and hope that whatever little I can do will make a difference.

I guess the key emotions going through my head are that I’m literally just staying as positive as possible by counting whatever blessings we have as much as possible. I feel blessed to actually have a home that I can “stay home” in – so many who don’t have a home, where are they supposed to “stay home”? I feel blessed that I have a home from which I’m not desperate to escape, with my husband, children and cats around me – I really feel for those that live alone at this time. Blessed to have a garden so I can get out into some fresh air everyday (never have I made such good use of the kids’ trampoline!). Blessed that I have food in the house so I’m not going hungry. Grateful for the sunshine we’re currently experiencing here in the UK. Grateful for the WiFi that’s working (most of the time, anyway), so I can stay in touch with friends and family via the various apps on my phone. Grateful for all of you that have connected with me though my various social media platforms and for being able to stay in touch and talk with you all. And so many other things.

I’m focusing my energy on these things – and the launch of my new project, which I’ll post on here tomorrow! – because we owe it to all those key workers out there, the NHS, the staff in the food shops, the pharmacies, the teachers looking after the keyworkers’ children, the bus and tube drivers, even our fabulous bin men, we owe it to all those who are putting their lives on the line every day when all we have to do to help them is “stay home”.

And yes, I got dressed up to go into the garden this weekend in this dress from last year… the heels are just for the selfie, because I bought them for the spring and summer, but I haven’t had a chance to wear them yet, but obviously I spent most of the day in this dress with flip-flops outside and fluffy slippers indoors – I was the very height of sophistication!

How are you keeping positive? Are you trying to keep to any sort of routine everyday? Are the days just melding and merging into one? Or do you try to keep your weekday routines and weekend routines different?



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