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Recently, these past few days I’ve been feeling like that small child that never wants to get up in time for school, but is up at the crack of dawn at the weekends and holidays (if you’re a parent you’ll know what I mean). But today, although I naturally woke up at 6.30am, I forced myself to go back to sleep, thinking I’d be up again in an hour or so. Fast forward two and half hours later, I finally woke up and then spent the next half hour admonishing myself for time wasted.

Why do we do this? Why do we feel guilty? Do you do this too? It took me another half hour to calm myself down and fully realise that my body needed that sleep, that the guilt was a wasted emotion and I would probably have had a cr*p day if I hadn’t had that extra pocket of sleep. As it is, I’ve been as productive as I could have hoped to be, albeit I started my day later than normal and intended.

But that’s ok. These are extraordinary times and our bodies and minds are still processing these unprecedented events. Anyone else also having weird dreams? That’s our minds trying to make sense of the unknown that we are living through. Until yesterday I had the news on all day, hearing updates from around the world, analysis by ‘experts’, predictions… you name it, I was literally hanging on to every word. And then yesterday, I decided; enough. As of yesterday, I listen to the news in the morning to catch up on overnight developments, and then again at 5pm for the PM’s briefing, and then 7 o’clock news on Channel 4. And then I’m done.  And I think that may be why I slept those extra hours. Perhaps it was the catharsis. I wasn’t filling my mind with constant noise, and worrying words throughout the day and so perhaps that was my brain finally getting some real rest and repair.

Certainly, I was able to work loads more on my exciting project (that I mentioned yesterday), do the Daily Live Workout on Instagram and Facebook and lots more besides. It’s not that I’m ignoring what’s going on around us; far from it. But what I AM trying to achieve is whatever level of normality that I possibly can.

That’s why I get dressed every day, sometimes smarter, sometimes more casual, but always as if I am heading out of the house. I change into my full gym kit for our Live Workouts just as I would if I was heading to the gym. I’ve actually been wearing the exact same lipstick and lipliner combo every day this week, but that’s just because I’m now obsessed with this as my everyday look.

And that’s the point… This is currently our everyday. And will be for the next couple of weeks, at the very least. I’m making the most of this slower pace. The opportunity to get started on projects that I felt I didn’t have the time or mindspace for. To read a book and enjoy getting lost in the words.

I’ll write more about all this tomorrow as I feel that deserves its own blog post but for now, I’m very impressed with myself that I actually wore a skirt today! As ever, shopping my wardrobe and saving our pennies and not shopping online at all, today’s’ outfit was this black bias-cut silk skirt (which I obviously didn’t bother to iron!) and a floaty top by FRAME that I bought from The Outnet a while ago, paired with a pair of flat Paciotti slingbacks that I bought for less than half price on my trip to Capri last September. As ever, I’ll try to link similar items below.

How are you coming to terms with our new reality? Are you glued to the news at all times? Or are you selective about your news and media consumption? Do you feel like you’re dealing well with it or is it all getting too much? Let’s talk in the comments below.

Stay well, stay safe and stay at home.




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