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It’s the last day of March, and I’m sure, at the beginning of the year, when you were planning how this Spring and Easter would be for you, you could never have imagined our current reality.

Still, I’m trying to keep as positive as possible as I know are many of us. I’m spending the time decluttering – physical spaces and mental spaces too. I can’t recommend it enough; not only does it keep you distracted and occupied, but it’s also a great way to rediscover things you had forgotten you had and things you’ve been looking for for ages, but were hidden away at the back of the cupboard or at the bottom of a very large pile of, well, just stuff! I’m also taking much better care of myself and my family – not just because we have more time but also because all this makes you realise how fragile we are as human beings – so eating as healthy and nutritionally dense as possible, skincare, haircare and supplements are taking centre stage.

I’m finding so many pieces of clothing and shoes as yet unworn, still with their tags, so I kind of feel like I’m getting to wear new clothes and accessories without actually going shopping. I’m not saying a new pair of shoes will make this all better – far from it. Every so often I hear news of friends who have contracted COVD-19 and just today I’ve heard even sadder news which I can’t even begin to fathom and it within seconds I’m in tears. But for that ten minutes it takes me to pick out an outfit, stand in front of the mirror and snap a pic, it brings me hope that will get back to normality soon, albeit a better version of humanity, I hope.

How are you coping? How are you keeping yourself occupied and distracted?  Are you finding yourself hyper-emotional or over-anxious or have you found coping mechanisms that work for you that you could share with us in the comments? (Or email me and I’ll share them here anonymously if you’d prefer)

PS – don’t forget I’m keeping the two GIVEAWAYS open on my Instagram page – you could win a Beauty Hamper worth £895 of my favourite products, or a haircare package for thicker healthier looking hair




Blouse – LINK

Hair Wrap – LINK  or LINK

Earrings (old from Tiffany) but these are similar  – LINK






*(as I’ve said many times in previous posts and also on my Instagram, I’m curbing my shopping tendencies and saving our pennies because we don’t know how long this situation is going to go on for and what the full economic hit will be for each and every one of us).



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