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We’ve been home and in a kind of self-made self-isolation for just over a week now, but today is the first day that schools are closed and our imagined norm is now a new reality. Millions of us now have our kids at home when normally they would have been at school and just as many of us are now working from home (I’ve worked from home for many years now, and jotted down some tips on making it easier HERE).

Maybe because I (mistakenly) think I have more time on my hands, or perhaps it’s just that I can now set my own timetable instead of running around according to the school timetables, but I’m feeling I have the mindspace and the need to write a blog post or two (or more) on a more frequent basis. I want to hear what’s going on in your heads too as we navigate ourselves in these once-in-a-lifetime exceptional circumstances we find ourselves in, so I hope you’ll join me here. 

As “staying is the new going out”, for Mother’s Day lunch yesterday, IF we had gone out, I would have been shopping my own wardrobe as I’m trying to buy as little as possible this month… I thought #FrugalFebruary was over but with the current uncertainty, who knows how long this will last? And in what shape the economy will be when we come out the other side? Businesses are closing down, people are losing their jobs, the government is borrowing in the billions to get us through this… so I’m saving my pennies… the rainy days we saved for before are here and they’re not going away too soon. Might even call it #MiserlyMarch unless one of you can suggest a better alternative?

(Also, by the way, for the same reason, I just don’t get people buying multi-thousand-pound luxury items right now??? Whilst we’re all putting things on hold for a while, I’d rather save what we have for the mortgage. Why not wait till we have some clarity and then, sure, go shopping and knock yourself out!)

Sorry, getting carried away, this was supposed to be an uplifting post but there are so many thoughts & emotions constantly milling around in my brain and I’m not the only one.  I think you may well see a major influx of people returning to their blogs with a vengenance, me included. I’m feeling the need to write more again, more than Twitter or Instagram allows, and the blog is the best place to be for rambling thoughts and musings.

I’m not promising it’ll be earth shattering stuff every time, but hopefully we’ll get back into our regular ‘chats’ – I’ll be better at regularly sharing what’s on my mind, what products I’m using, what I’m wearing, what’s in my wardrobe (always a popular question in my DMs and email inbox) and just how I’m feeling about the ever-changing events shaping our unexpected new reality.

I do hope you’ll read and also make the time to leave me your thoughts and feelings on what we’re going through. How it’s affecting you, how you’re responding, coping strategies, whether you agree with me or not.


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