Today has been the day when I feel I’m actually enjoying this slower pace, without hankering for the things and activities that used to keep me busy. I’ve time to have a relaxed morning coffee with my husband, time to do my full skincare routine and enjoy every second of it, time to try new products that have been sitting on the shelf, waiting to be opened, time to hang with my kids, time to write a daily blog post again… just time that I, wrongly or rightly, always felt I didn’t have enough of.

Of course, every so often, worrying thoughts run through my head, usually when I’m listening to the news, but by searching out and focussing on the positives that our current situation affords us is the way I, for one, am going to get through this.

I do wonder, what will happen we come out the other side? Will we have learned anything about recalibrating our priorities? Or will we go back to our old ways? Only time will tell.

Funny thing about spending more time at home; you have time to go down memory lane. This outfit is a replica of the kind of thing I used to wear when I was single… actually, fun fact, the sleeveless black turtleneck top was my number one choice to wear on a first date! Back then I used to wear it with a pair of blue Levi 501s – who remembers when those were the ONLY jeans to wear? The more battered, worn in and torn, the better. A more innocent time, I think – these days, you wouldn’t dream of wearing something so simple as a black turtleneck and jeans on a first date. Or would you? Let me know in the comments below. Of course, when you’re having date night at home, you can stay barefoot… the perks, eh?

Have you got yourself into a more relaxed rhythm? Are you looking forward to the next two weeks of lockdown or are you dreading it even more that you’ve done it for one week? And key question – are you eating chocolate every day? I can’t resist!









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