It’s Spring… well, officially anyway, and sometime soon, hopefully, the weather will come to its senses and catch up. As always happens around this time of year, I’ve been doing a bit of clearing out. The longer days, the promise of brighter days, the school holidays (which means I’m not rushing around quite as much), and just the general need renew, call it what you will, the urge to Spring clean is real. Physically, mentally, emotionally, it’s like I’m emerging from the depths of a winter hibernation with a burning desire to start to see positivity in as much as I can, whilst pushing unwanted negativity to the baseline.

You might remember at the beginning of last year I wrote this post [click here] about getting rid of toxic people from my life and that’s just as true for this time of year as it was a New Year resolution back then. Obviously, my family situation has changed so dramatically since that particular post, but if anything, that makes it even more important for me to stay away from negativity or toxicity and to focus on what’s important – what’s good for me, my soul, my mental space and my family.

make the time for those that would make the time for you

I’m not saying that in order to find peace and happiness, one needs to live like a hermit or a monk-like existence. Rather that it’s important, in this world of social-media hype, to see through the hyperbole and drama to focus on what’s real, what’s heartfelt, who’s really there for you and not just for their own personal gain. Making sure to make the time for those that would make the time for you, not getting caught up with the playground mentality that still seems to exist even amongst 40+ women (yes, really!)

I don’t want you to think I’m feeling low or negative. Admittedly, there are good days and bad days, but I’m thankful for those bad days because they put a spotlight on the good things in my life, things that I’m grateful for everyday. And obviously, we’re all on a journey to try to make the good days outweigh the bad.

Sifting through the mountains of, well, ‘stuff’, putting things into piles for selling, charity and chucking is a sobering activity. Rather than hankering after what’s new and the latest launch, be it a new lipstick, a new restaurant or the newest “popular’ person in town, I’m taking stock of what I have, encouraged to appreciate all that I’m lucky enough to have in front of me, investing time and energy into old passed-the-test-of-time friendships and looking to old beauty favourites that have never let me down.

And so, after all that rambling, I come back to the reason I started to write this post. Whilst going through so many packages and makeup bags, I found this DHC Liquid EyeLiner that I don’t know why I didn’t use. Because it’s literally the best things I’ve used since forever. It’s easy to apply, properly black (no charcoal parading as black here), matte (just the finish I like), comes to a precise point so it’s easy to create a sharp and angled wing or flick and stays faithfully put all day. What more do you need from a liquid liner? And all for only £16!

Which brings me back to where I started. If I’d just spent some more time looking at what I already have rather than spending time, effort and money on the newest thing, I’d have been a happy bunny.

A lesson somewhere in that – hidden amongst all my unnecessary ramblings – but it’s there somewhere, I promise.





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