I’ve always been a firm believer of feeding my skin from within so using supplements to boost my skincare has always been a part of my beauty regime, so I knew I had to include a round up of some of my favourite skincare supplements as part of this SKINCARE SERIES.

Don’t laugh, but I think of my skin as the filling of a sandwich; bear with me and hear me out. So, the upper layer of the sandwich (the top layer of bread, if you will), is the skincare I use on top – the cleansers, masks, serums, facial oils, etc. My skin is the filling between the two layers of bread. And then the bottom layer? The supplements I take to nourish and moisturise my skin from inside. I’m literally forcing my skin to be hydrated, smooth, plump and youthful by pushing in nutrients and moisture from the outside in and from in the inside out.

There are other supplements I’ve used and loved that I haven’t managed to include in this round up, but I didn’t want to make the video too long and I also didn’t want to overwhelm you with recommendations and suggestions. So these are my top FIVE FAVOURITES (with a non-skincare one thrown in for good measure).

Let me know if you’ve used any of these and what your experiences with them were. Likewise, I’d love to hear about which skincare supplements you’d recommend – let’s share our experiences and help each other along.

Don’t forget to check back if you haven’t seen or read the previous ‘installments’ to this skincare series: Part 1 is all about why sometimes Less is More, Part 2 is my Morning Skincare Routine and Part 3 is my Evening Skincare Routine. I’m fully on board to do a post about my once a week (sometimes twice a week) Pamper Routine if you’d like to see that too.

PS – when I filmed this (and as I’m currently writing this), my skin has completely reacted to a face mask I used on Sunday – it looks like I’ve had a bad case of prickly heat meets excema, so if my skin doesn’t look it’s best… well, let’s just say the irony is not lost on me!

Products included:

PURE HA HYLURONIC ACID: https://bit.ly/2GztjHL





VIVISCAL: http://bit.ly/2q8nC8L
(actually, I got the price wrong – it’s less than £40 for a month’s supply taking two tablets a day)


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