As you might have guessed, I’m currently on a roll with putting my skincare first (along with general health, but that’s for another post coming soon), so I was delighted to be invited to trial the new Skin Design London “Peel & Lift Bar” at Fenwick, Bond Street. Not only is Fenwick one of my favourite stores in London (always so calm and civilized) but they also have such a great selection of beauty brands that it’s always worth popping in if you’re passing. But now I’m rambling.

So this month, Skin Design London launched their Express Peel Bar at Fenwick. You might remember I went along to the launch of the Skin Design Peel Bar at Fortnum & Mason around this time last year, and I loved the result. This current launch features the new Vitamin A Peel, exclusive to Fenwick. If you’ve seen my recent Evening Skincare Video (HERE) you’ll know I’ve recently introduced retinol into my skincare routine, so I was excited to try this peel, which contains a patented blend of Retinol to promote skin cell turnover and encourage collagen production. It also contains Lactic Acid – an ingredient I’m very fond of for boosting hydration, while Azelaic Acid is great for blemish control.


It’s the perfect lunchtime skin treat as there’s no downtime and you can literally be in and out in half an hour. Add to that it’s actually quite affordable too, at £35 per treatment (less if you buy a ‘pack’ of treatments), it’s a great way to boost your skin”s health and radiance.

The treatment is followed by a customised application of the serums, depending on your skin’s needs – I went for a mix of the the volumising serum and Vit C, followed by an application of the Alpine Rose Glow Illuminating Face Cream. (And you can buy the products to continue the treatment at home too).

The Vit A Peel is available by appointment – email to find out when you can book in.

PS – these photos are by my daughter, who I took along with me; this is the first time she’s taken photos for my blog for me – isn’t she great!?








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