Since pretty much the beginning of the year, I’ve been getting more and more comments on my skin; luckily they’ve all been compliments on how good my skin is looking, asking me what I’m doing different, what skincare I’m using and that kind of thing. To say I’ve been surprised by these comments is an understatement; with the level of stress that we’ve had since the New Year, I’m surprised my skin hasn’t broken out on Armageddon levels.

So I’ve been having a good hard think to try and put it into words, to answer all the questions, DMs and comments from friends, and I thought I’d start here, with what changed two months ago. There are more blog posts and videos coming, including my current everyday skincare routines, morning and night, and also the supplements I’m taking that I think have made a real difference to my skin.

So, as you know, the year started badly, and makeup and skincare was literally the last thing on my mind. In fact, it wasn’t even the last thing on my mind, it didn’t feature at all. So I just used whatever products I had to hand or that my sister had in her bathroom cabinet. By default, and not by design, I stripped it back to the bare minimum. No acid toners, no face masks, none of that layering of multiple products that you all know me for.

And you know what? It turns out, sometimes less really is more. I think perhaps because I was mentally having to deal with so much, my skin just relished keeping it simple.

  1. I was drinking lots, and I mean lots, of water. And key to this, I was drinking it throughout the day, not just in the evening when you suddenly realised you’ve not drunk more than a glass of water all day!
  2. Because I wasn’t wearing any makeup, there was minimal rubbing of my skin, especially around the delicate eye area. Which meant my skin around my eyes, already feeling very delicate from the constant crying and lack of sleep, wasn’t further stressed and overwhelmed with a plethora of products.
  3. With less steps and products in my skincare routine, I had more time to do the simple things, like really massage my skin, getting the very best from the few products I was using.
  4. With my skincare stripped back to such a degree, I was sure of the ingredients I was putting onto my skin; most importantly (for me), no perfumed products.
  5. Leaving my skin pretty much to its own devices, I really got back in touch with my skin. I know that sounds odd, but with all the high-tech products we’re all throwing at our skin all the time, chopping and changing depending on what the latest “hot” skincare trend is etc., it’s easy to forget that your skin is personal and individual to you, and only you. No matter what the celebrities are using, or even your best friend is using – listen, really listen to your skin and find out what’s right for you. And you can only do that by paring back your skincare routine to find out what your skin is saying to you.

Part 2 of these blog posts about my current skincare routine will be all about the products in my current everyday regime –  the products I reach for every morning. Stay tuned!








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