It’s been a long time since I posted here on the blog, and I promise you all that is going to change for 2018, but I’m so excited by my Boxing Day Sales purchases that I wanted to post about them right now in case you fancy checking any of them out for yourself. (Click on any of the images to be taken straight to the item).

I have an annual Boxing Day tradition of going into Harrods and Harvey Nics with my friend and I was thinking it might not happen this year as she’d emmigrated to Canada. But to my delight the darling came back for a couple of weeks over Christmas (and we’re going to be spending New Year’s Eve together too) so we managed our yearly shopping trip. So round the shops we went, the shoe sections in particular, but as you know, I’m a bit of an online shopper, so I went home empty handed. I’m not upset about that at all, mind, as I feel I’ve already bought the bargains I need online.

I love the Boxing Day sales; always some of the very best discounts and reductions and it’s so easy to buy classic and investment pieces that I know I will wear for years to come, so I don’t mind splurging a little. And because the discounts are so good, it’s also a great time to buy something a little more fun and exciting. As I mentioned, I’m an avid online shopper, and I’ve recently been doing a lot of long train journeys, (which you’ll know if you’ve been following me on Instagram (click if you’re not already)) so I’ve had lots of time to scroll through my favourite online sites –  here’s a round up of what I’ve bought (so far), what I already have in my wardrobe that’s now gone into the sale (or will do soon) and a few things I’d love to buy!

Let me know if you’ve bought or are planning to buy of the items I’ve bought, and especially if you buy any of the things on my wishlist – I’d love to see how they look on you! I’m sure there’ll be other things that catch my eye, so make sure to follow me on instagram where I’ll share more on my stories. I’ll also do my best to update THIS POST RIGHT HERE too, so make sure to check back to see what I’ve added to my wardrobe and my wishlist :))

Please do let me know if you like this kind of post – and if you’d like me to do one for my beauty picks too!




(p.s. some items are not yet reduced, but here’s hoping they make it through to reductions soon!) (p.p.s. the ZIIP was actually a Christmas present, but I wanted to introduce here before I do a full blog post and review on it)





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