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It’s been a long time coming – quite a way over a 100 days to be precise, but I’ve reached the end of my 100 Day Reset skincare challenge with the International Institute for Anti-Ageing, so I wanted to write my last and final update.

I believe you can’t really judge where you’ve got to unless you keep in mind where you started (profound or what!) so let’s recap. When I started out, I’d say I had pretty normal skin, not really blemish prone, just a little dehydrated, with a few fine lines appearing around the eye area that were beginning to concern me.

To see how it all began, check this video here which takes you back to Day One:

Day by day, week by week my skin has become better behaved –  no monthly hormonal breakouts ‘the week before’ , my skin looks more radiant, luminous and just younger. By which I mean it looks plumper, softer, and a reduced appearance of the size of pores on my upper cheeks; currently my biggest bugbear of the ageing process.

I’m now having more ‘no-makeup days’ than I have in a long time and feeling mighty confident about it all too. And even when I’m putting on the slap, I’ve been swapping out my regular foundation for much lighter coverage formulations, such as the Jane Iredale Glow Time or The Ordinary Serum Foundation, a) because my skin doesn’t need the higher coverage, and b) I want my beautiful, radiant skin to take centre stage. I’ve worked hard for my good skin, so I want to show it off.

My skincare regime has basically remained the same throughout the 100 days, with some new, extra products being added into the routine as I’ve progressed.

When I started out, my routine, my am and pm routine were basically pretty much the same, the only difference being that I would single cleanse in the morning, double cleanse at night. I loved the simplicity of it all, the minimalist approach in terms of products and my husband loved the lack of clutter on around the bathroom basin.

During my 100 days, I’ve managed (and been lucky enough) to have experienced three Enivron facials, which are skin changing. I wanted to say ‘life changing’, but let’s not get too over dramatic here! If you haven’t had an Environ Facial, you’ve no idea what you and your skin are missing out on. A full consultation, including a Visia skin reading that tells you what’s going on under the skin (and will come to haunt you in years to come – I’m talking sun damage, amongst other things) is followed by a full face facial, by which I mean, full face, including covering your eyes and mouth! If you’re at all claustrophobic or just a little nervous, it can be adjusted to suit, but I went for the full monty every time.

And each time I went for a treatment, I came back with recommendations for products that I could add to my regime, including the Pre-Cleanse Oil, which I now use as the first stage of my evening double cleanse, and the Alpha Toner Forte, which I use in the evening instead of the Youth EssentiA Vita-Peptide Toner. I’ve recently also added in the SebuWash as a morning cleanse when I’m not in the mood for a cream cleanser, and of course, the wonderful RAD SPF15 which is not only a great daily SPF but also a fab base for makeup. And how could I not mention the Hydra Oil Capsules, which I luxuriate in after an exfoliating Renew Mask treatment.

And let’s not forget the Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Ultimate skincare supplements, which I’ve been lucky enough to try since 1st June when I began this journey and which launched officially in September. I truly believe (and always have) that good skin (and good health) comes from within, from what you put into your mind and body, just as much as what you put on it, and perhaps even more so. So I can’t underestimate the difference these little pods of beauty have made. Five perfectly curated little capsules and pills that give your skin everything it needs to glow with good health, including your omegas, anti-odixants, CQ10, pine bark extract and even astaxanthin. I ran out of my supply before I’d managed to get replenishments, and was without for over a couple of weeks (blame my lack of organisation) and as time went on without them, the difference they had made was plain to see. You can imagine my sigh of relief when these came back into my life and my daily routine. (If you’re hot on your maths and wondering why my 100 Days seems to have lasted much longer than 100 days, it’s because I wanted to wait until I’d actually had 100 days of the supplements – that’s how important I believe they’ve been to my skin transformation).

While the is the end of my official journey on my 100 Day Reset, I’m so addicted to the results I’ve experienced that I know I’ll be continuing with many of the products in my regime, especially the supplements. I know I’ve not gone from an acne prone skin to blemish free, or lots of pigmentation that has reduced, or anything as dramatic as that. But the change to how my skin feels, looks and is ageing is immense and is just as dramatic a change to me as anything else. Especially as I have three children, the oldest about to turn 16, which is making me feel very old indeed!

The biggest compliment of all? I went shopping with my thirteen year old daughter a couple of times last week (she was on half term), and twice we were asked if we are sisters. If that’s not a testament to the magic of the 100 Day Reset, I don’t know is.

I could go on and on, but I’ve already written so much in past posts and chatted so much about this subject in just about every vlog on my YouTube channel since June, so I think I’ll leave this blog post here. Make sure to check my YouTube here (and subscribe if you haven’t already) to see my skincare journey over the last fur months. If you’ve any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below, or if you’d rather keep your questions private, I’m happy to answer if you want to email me at


Wishing you all good skin!





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