I’ve just woken up from the best sleep ever. Not only do I feel refreshed and raring to go, my skin looks and feels amazing! And that’s on day two of the school run!

Of course, I’m partly putting this down to my current skincare routine and supplements (you can read more about that here), but last night I had the most incredible facial with one of my all time favourite skincare brands… no surprise to you if you’re a regular reader, it’s Omorovicza, of course.

As of yesterday, 7th September, Omorovicza have partnered with the Four Seasons Hotel Spa in London’s Park Lane for a week long pop-up to celebrate the launch of their skin-transforming Midnight Radiance Mask. For just one week only, until 14th September, you can experience a selection of delicious treatments from the ‘Omorovicza Midnight Menu’. The treatments are designed to prepare the skin and body for a natural and restorative sleep, which I can thoroughly attest to! Split into three sections, the treatment begins with a relaxing back massage, which dealt with all my tension and shoulder knots, followed by a choice of one of the 5 different 30-minute facials. Each facial addresses different concerns such as detoxing and deep cleansing, brightening, anti-ageing, revitalising or hydrating. To be honest, I could have done with all five, but I narrowed it down to either the hydrating or brightening, and finally decided to go with the brightening option for a little injection of radiance and luminosity into my post-summer holiday skin.

We kicked off with a very healthy welcome drink in the form of a vegetable and fruit juice shot (which I think is signature to the Four Seasons Spa) whilst filling out the information form for the therapist. The facial included what has now become one of my all time favourite treatments, the Omorovicza Copper Peel, to refine and smooth skin. The Lactic Acid really helps to get rid of dead skin cells ever so gently (this is much more gentle than a glycolic peel) and the inclusion of Glycerin ensures the skin is not left feeling dry or tight. This is then followed up with a choice of two 10-minute enhancing treatments ranging from face, eyes, neck, scalp or feet, each treatment being completed with an application of the Midnight Radiance Mask on the face and neck, which is left on overnight to work its magic.

I opted for the eye treatment and the face soother enhancements, as I really wanted to boost the effect of the facial. Whichever facial or enhancements you’ve chosen, each one is completed with an application of the Midnight Radiance Mask, which you then leave on overnight. A dose of the Midnight Tea, created especially for the facial and as blue as the Radiance Mask itself was the final finishing touch.

My skin looked amazing; radiant and soft,  and I left the spa with just the addition of a slick of lipgloss and thank goodness I did! As I left the spa, I bumped into my husband’s business partner who was staying at the hotel, so hopefully he wasn’t too scared by the sight of my makeup-less face! I then hopped into a cab, headed home and straight to bed.

To work with the body’s Circadian Rhythm the treatments are only available between 4pm and 9pm, so my 7pm appointment was just perfect for an early night to make the most of the transformative effects of the Midnight Radiance Mask. As we sleep, the skin goes into regeneration mode, repairing and renewing itself, so overnight treatments have always been my favourites – let the products do all the hard work while I get some shut-eye… it’s a win-win!

As I left, I checked at reception and there were still appointments available, but whenever Omorovicza launches a pop-up for treatments, it always gets sold out fast, so don’t leave it too long to make a booking. – call 0207 319 5480 for one of the most indulgent hours you’ll experience or go the Four Seasons Spa website (click here).


p.s. you’ll see in the photographs some gorgeous lingerie? Omorovicza have teamed up with La Perla to emphasise the luxurious experience – some of the most beautiful silk you’ll ever feel. I’m a big fan of La Perla’s bikinis (my first bikinis after marriage were all La Perla) but I think I’ll now need to invest in some of the lingerie too!




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