If there’s one part of my job that I have a love/hate relationship with, it’s the fact that I’m constantly trying something new, be it skincare, makeup, hair care, whatever. I love that I get to try the newest of the new, but it means it’s nigh on impossible to create a routine, especially when it comes to skincare. So it takes an outstanding skincare line for me to commit to using one brand, and only that brand, for a full 100 days.

Which is exactly what I’ve committed to doing with Environ and the #100DayReset. You can watch and read more about that, the why and the what, HERE,  but today’s post is a little update. Actually, it’s ironic that this is about routine, given that this post should have been up on the blog on 31st July (and we are now way into August). But with school holidays, holidays abroad, three children at home and my mother visiting with me for three weeks (and needing care), it seems some of my routine has flown out the window. Not in it’s entirety, though. If you saw this video, (below) you’ll know that not only have I managed to keep to my skincare routine like a boss, but I also managed to keep you guys updated too. So I’m not beating myself up too much about it.

But let’s get to the skincare update. Just how is my skin looking after around two and a half months using just Environ skincare and taking the Advanced Nutrition Programme supplements? Well first off, it’s the easiest skincare regime to to stick to. At its core, it’s a simple cleanse, tone and nourish, but the beauty is in the high performance, highly effective ingredients, including, of course, the Vitamin A which is integral to the regime I’m using. These formulations do all the hard work while you just get on with your day.

Plumper, smoother, softer skin has been my reward

As you can see, even though I’ve been away for a couple of weeks to Spain and a weekend to France, my skincare routine was constant; it was easy enough to decant the cleanser and toner into cabin-luggage-friendly bottles (the AVST moisturiser, AVANCE peptide complex and eye-cream were already the perfect size).

Environ Advanced Nutrition Programme skin supplements

I’m a firm believer in feeding your skin from the inside out and fully believe the change I’m seeing in my skin is as much down to the new Advanced Nutrition Programme supplements as the skincare products. So I loved the flexibility of the “little pods of beauty” that contained everything I needed in their self-contained blister pack. If I was out and about, I could just tear off a pod (they are ready perforated) and take it with me. By the end of the holiday, I was down the final seven pods, so I just tore off the final strip to bring back with me. I’m talking more about the five different supplements in the video, so do make sure to watch it. Because the supplements have been so well put together, both in terms of what’s included and the how well the packaging has been thought out, it’s been easy to stick to taking them without any interruptions.

And that, I think, is the key. Routine and consistency have been my best friend, even during these mad months when all other routine has passed me by. And my skin is thanking me for it. Plumper, smoother, softer skin has been my reward. My pore size appearance (one of my my key concerns) has definitely improved and my skin is radiant, glowy and just looks younger than my years.

With results like this, there’s neither reason nor excuse for me to waiver from my routine.

Are you a routine fiend? What are your top tips for staying on track?


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  1. 28 August 2017 / 8:00 am

    That’s a huge commitment, am glad it’s working out for you, looking fab as always, Lyn x

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