When a multi-award winning skincare expert, famed for her original brand, decides to add to her roster of skincare offerings, you know it’s time to take notice. So when I found out that Russian-born Marina Shcherbinina, one of the founders of the much-loved NuBo Skincare brand, was launching a new concept, I sat up and took notice. Especially as this concept was something I’ve always longed for.

If, like me, you’ve always hankered after the expensive customisable skincare formulations you’ve seen in the hallowed skincare halls of Harrods, then you’ll be just as excited about Bio-Extracts as I am. Based on the idea that one size doesn’t fit all, and that not only is your skin different from your best friend’s, your neighbour’s, heck, even your sister’s, it’s based on the premise that your own skin is different from day to day, week to week, month to month and season to season. Only by taking the time to ‘know’ your skin can you ensure that you take care of its needs on an ongoing basis. After all, the skin is a living tissue, responding to it’s environment on an ongoing basis.

“super-charged with active plant molecules”

The Bio-Extracts system is super-charged with active plant molecules in exceptionally high concentration levels to deliver the very highest of performance results, but it’s the delivery system that sets this skincare range apart.

Three skin ‘base’ creams form the foundation of the skincare regime, each delivered in an airless, pump-action jar to dispense exactly the right amount of product. The customisation comes in the form of a choice of 9 different Boosts, each delivered in the dinkiest of syringe-style tubes (to really bring out the inner skincare scientist in you!).

Normal, Rich and Light base creams are the starting point, Normal being suitable for all skin types, Rich more suited to dry, mature or dehydrated skin and Light perfect for oily sensitive or more problematic skin. I’ve been loving the Normal version during these hotter, muggy days; its gives me all the hydration and moisture I need without feeling heavy, tacky or mask-like on my skin and I know I’ll be turning to the Rich version come the colder winter months. These natural face creams provide a vegan face cream option for those looking for vegan moisturisers, without compromising on efficacy and high quality ingredients.

The magic really starts when you introduce the Boost shots. With nine variations to choose from, you can add up to four shots for each pump of base cream to really customise to your skin’s needs. You can choose to add four shots of the same boost, or mix up to four different shots to boost the cream’s efficacy, depending on what you think your skin needs on any given day. Or you may feel you don’t need any additions – it’s totally up to you and your skin.

NuBo skincare comes from a very science-led background, so it’s no surprise to learn that Bio-Extracts has harnessed as much scientific research as possible into its formulations. Marina and her daughter Irina (who has a degree in biosciences) have taken a rigorous scientific approach to finding the very best in plant-based skincare, literally scouring the world for the highest quality, most efficient ingredients, whilst at the same time, making sure to find the very best ways to deliver these ingredients direct to the skin cells. Using innovative biotechnology to harness the highly purified ingredients derived from the active fractions of the plant extracts, the range can, and does, deliver exceptional benefits to the skin.

“the magic really starts when you introduce the Boost shots”

The range uses a multi-lamellar system within its formulas. By mimicking the structured, lamellar structure of the upper layers of the skin, the body’s lipids oils and fats, the products work seamlessly with the skin, acting like a ‘patch’  and restoring the skin’s own barrier function, preventing trans-epidermal water loss. The delivery system is also one step ahead. Phospholipid actives ensure that the actives within the formulations penetrate deeper and work more efficiently to help repair and regenerate, all the while preserving good skin health.

While at first glance it may look like a bit of a faff, it’s actually a very easy, clean and simple 3-step system. Take a look in the mirror and decide what you skin needs today.  Just press down on the top of the jar to deliver the exact dose of base cream needed, add up to four shots of the various Boosts directly onto the top of the jar (the airless delivery system ensures that none of the product makes its way back down into the jar), mix it up and apply to your face, neck and decolletage. And there you have it. Totally bespoke to you, your skin and your skin’s needs on a day-to-day basis.

It’s the perfect system for travel too – we all know that the skin reacts to air travel, differing climates, sun exposure, holidaying (you know what I mean), so what better way to look after your skin on holiday?

The nine different Boosts are lightweight and easily mixed in and absorbed by the skin. Of the nine, I’ve been trying the Firming, Hydro, Glow and Clean to Clear Boosts, and the ingredients listing in each of them is super-impressive. You can find out more about each of the Boosts, how and why it works at the Bio-Extracts website ( but I thought I’d tell you about one of them, the Clean & Clear Boost, as it’s so fascinating!

Normally, we look to exfoliation for skin renovation and regeneration. But it’s always at the risk of skin irritation, redness, sensitivity and a whole host of other problems, and quite often, for certain skin types, not recommended for certain skin types during the summer months because of increased sun exposure. Clean to Clear Boost is a powerful exfoliating treatment which you can use during the summer months, and for sensitive skin, it would be best to use it at night, followed by an SPF during the day (which of course you should be using anyway).

The key with this is that, unlike many exfoliators, it doesn’t cause an adverse reaction to the skin. This Boost was inspired by Thanaka, an ingredient Marina and Irina saw in Myanmar (previously known as Burma). The Burmese use it to address three major skin concerns: sun protection, acne and skin lightening (which their culture is obsessed with). Intrigued by this Marina bought a piece of wood at the market which the treatment is made out of and after putting it through lab tests, found out that Thanaka has a very ‘close relative’ in Europe and the US – a willow tree bark which is seriously rich in a form of natural aspirin and perfect to address the same skin problems: protection, exfoliation and anti-inflammation. And that’s how Clean to Clear was born!

The key ingredient, the Willow Bark Extract, contains a natural salicylic acid, a BHA used for the treatment of acne because of its ability to help the skin to shed dead cells and clear pores. The natural form of BHA contained in the extract has all the effects of synthetic salicylic acid without any of the the drawbacks (mainly irritation). It’s great for younger skin which might suffer from acne and breakouts, but it’s also great for anti-ageing, allowing younger newer cells to come to the surface more quickly, and also for it’s anti-inflammatory properties.

I don’t know about you, but I love learning about the science behind the skincare I put on my face, so I hope you enjoyed this little anecdote as much as I did.

And in case you’re wondering, the full list of Boost serums is:

  • Pore Minimising Boost – a multi action Lentil-based bio-extract
  • Redness Relief Boost – White Wallaba bio-extracts calm irritated skin in an instant
  • Lifting Boost – Avena Sativa bio-extracts improve skin elasticity and can even be added to your foundation
  • HA Hydro Boost – Botanical Hyaluronic Acid adds a shot of hydration forming a protective layer over the skin – I love this one!
  • Firming Boost – harnessing the Wild Jujube bio-extract to tighten and tone
  • Glow Boost – Wu-Zhu-Yu Fruit bio-extract oxygenates the skin to revalitse and give a luminous glow
  • Anti-Oxidant Boost – perfect for city dwellers, with Rosmarinic Acid bio-extract to fight free-radicals and oxidative stress
  • Clean to Clear Boost – gently exfoliates without irritation, thanks to Willow Bark Tree bi-extract
  • Anti-Wrinkle Boost – Peruvian Tree Tara and Green Algae bio-extracts help boost collagen production for firmer skin

“bring out the inner skincare scientist in you”

I’m totally in love with this idea of adding hydrating skin boosters to a natural face cream to create my own little bio moisturiser, and I’ve even considered adding these organic face serums to my other moisturisers, although I know from reading up about this that they’re most efficient when used with the Bio-Extracts natural face creams.

Non-greasy, easily absorbed (even the Rich cream base), ultra-hydrating, nourishing, proven results…having Bio-Extracts in your skincare arsenal is like having a skincare expert mixing up your skincare for you on a day by day basis, dependant on your skin’s needs. Only difference is, this time, you’re the expert, using expertly formulated products.

Have you tried anything from the range?

PS… there’s also a eye-cream version with Boosts specifically formulated for the delicate eye area which I’ll be trying soon too, so stay tuned on my Instastories – if you’re not already following me on instagram, you can find me here – @BeautyPassionista



Find out more about Bi0-Extracts and shop the range here:


This post is in collaboration with Bio-Extracts, but as ever, all thoughts and opinions are my own



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