As I sit writing this, we are in the grip of a heatwave here in the UK; temperatures hitting 31ºC (with rumours it’s going to climb to to 33ºC today) and no breeze to make it bearable. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, it’s a welcome change from what we normally think of as classic British weather, but the problem is, we’re just not set up for it. I certainly don’t have AC in the house, not enough fans to keep us going (although my Dyson cooling fan is working wonders) and I know I’m not the only one who hasn’t slept a wink since the temperature soared.

There are a few things you can do to make it a little more comfortable, like drinking copious amounts of water (I now make sure to keep a bottle of water on my bedside table to sip throughout the night).

Most important of all is keep sun damage to a minimum. I’m not just talking about the sunburn which is immediately visible, but the damage we do the skin cells under the skin’s surface; damage that will only be apparent in 5 to 10 years time, damage that will rear its ugly head in the form of pigmentation, perhaps moles and obviously, there’s always the worry about skin cancer.

Asian and darker skin tones are more likely to show

skin ageing through hyper-pigmentation

So I’m ultra careful about making sure to apply SPF every day, no matter the weather. Especially as for Asian and darker skin tones, we are more likely to show our skin ageing through hyper-pigementation before the wrinkles set in.

My favourite facial SPF is (no surprise here) the Ultrasun Face SPF50 Tinted (Honey shade). I’ve gone on and on about this one for so long now, I feel it’s almost part of my family! It’s sun protection and anti-ageing skincare all in one, it’s tinted so works like a tinted moisturiser and when it’s too hot to wear makeup, this is a perfect three-in-one that does just about everything I want for summer skincare in one bottle. And the great thing is, it’s one of those “apply once a day” products, so as long as I use it in the morning, I know my face is protected all day long, no need to reapply.

And that reapplication is actually the main reason I hear for the lack of SPF. And I get  it, I really do. Who wants to move and ruin their carefully applied makeup just to reapply their SPF at intervals throughout the day. Which is exactly why I love the once a day application – worn under the makeup (or instead of makeup on off-duty days), there’s no question of ruining the makeup. But now there’s a whole load of facial SPF mists that can be applied over makeup and reapplied throughout the day without affecting it. There’s something very ritualistic about misting the face too, so I’m loving the mists from La Roche Posay and Garnier. Both offer an SPF50 protection. La Roche Posay’s Anthelios is an anti-shine formulation, which is great for these humid, high-sweat days and helps to keep the makeup in place. Garnier Ambre Solaire’s Face Mist (Sensitive Advanced) is super-hydrating, lovely for parched skins on hot days, and stops the makeup cracking.

Always apply SPF to the back of your hands too

While I know I’m 100% protected all day by using my Ultrasun, I’ve taken to spritzing my face once in a while during the day with one or other of the facial mist SPFs, for added protection and just that lovely feeling of a mist in the heat. Whichever one I’m using, I’ll also make sure to apply it to the back of my hands to0 – another place we are prone to show premature ageing.

Are you making sure to protect your skin from the sun? If your excuse was you don’t like the feel of SPF on your face, or don’t reapply for various reasons, well now, there’s now excuse. Try any of these three and you’ll be converted!

Share your tips on how you cope in this heat with me (and the rest of us!) in the comments below… and hope you’re enjoying the sun (responsibly) as much as I am!




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