Recently I’ve been a little all over the place with my skincare. Too many new products being slotted in and out, no consistency and if I’m honest, there’s been a few too many nights when the makeup hasn’t been removed properly. My diet and nutrition has been a little lacking too, especially with the onslaught of Ramadan; I know I’m definitely not getting enough water or my daily nutrients during these 18-hour fasts.

So I’ve decided to take a holistic approach to my skincare using the IIAA (International Institute Anti-Ageing) method: Feed-Fortify-Finish with supercharged supplements, targeted skincare and good-for-your-skin makeup. I’m taking them up on their #100DayReset challenge and I’ll be documenting it here and on my YouTube channel – watch this video for lots more detail on what I’m doing, why, what my skincare concerns are, what changes I’m hoping to see, which products I’ll be using and so much more.

As part of the reset, I’ve had a VISIA skin analysis to take a real look at my skincare concerns and what needs to be addressed and I’ll have another analysis at the end of the 100 days to see the difference I’ve made. These are my readings right now – so scary to do this, and even scarier to post these images online, but here goes!

I’ll be taking the Advanced Nutrition Programme (ANP) Super Ultimate skincare supplements every day –  I love the way they are packaged to make it super easy to take all in one go, very portable so I can just pop them in my handbag if I need to take them with me. It’s got everything you need in one little pod – omegas, antioxidant and loads more. So that’s the Feed part sorted.

To Fortify the skin, I’ll be using Environ Skincare. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I had incredibly good results with Environ the last time I did this, (click here to read) to the extent that friends were 100% sure I’d had “work” done on my face! So I’m super excited to use the products again, especially now that I’ll be doing it in conjunction with ANP supplements. I’m chatting about each of the products in my new skincare regime over in the video (click here).

And then, to capitalise on all that goodness, I’m using the Jane Iredale makeup range as the Finish part of the tri-aproach. As you’ll know, this isn’t new to me, I’ve been using it on and off since I did the shoot with the brand back in December and I can’t stop raving about the Glow Time BB Full Coverage Foundation. You can see more about my makeup loves in this video here, here and here.

So, as it’s a 100 day challenge, I thought it would be interesting to record my progress and do a proper before and after, with photos and videos and all that good stuff to go along with it. Today (June 1st) is day one, so make sure to subscribe to my channel here to see the progress. I’ll pop back in with updates along the way, probably on Day 30, Day 60, Day 90 and then at the end – fingers crossed for a radiant new me at the end!

And just to set the scene, here’s a no-makeup pic to show where I’m starting from:

If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments below, or tweet me (@AmbarinaHasan) or under the video over on my YouTube channel.

And if you fancy joining my on any part of my journey for your own skincare, I have a (non-affiliate) discount code you can use to get 15% off – just use RESET15 at checkout on www.vitaminskincare.co.uk (just bear in mind you’ll need a consultation with an Environ consultant before ordering the skincare).

So wish me luck, wish me consistency, wish me better skin!




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