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Lipstick Queen Morning Sunshine Lipstick

Space NK Lipstick Queen Colour changing lipstick Morning Sunshine

Every so often, the sun is managing to peek its way out from behind the clouds. But on the days when it doesn’t, I’ve a cunning plan… and it comes in the form Mornin’ Sunshine, this make-me-happy little package of yellowness from Lipstick Queen.

Don’t be scared or put off by the bright yellow bullet; this is one of those clever little lipsticks that changes colour according to your own skin’s pH to give you the perfect-for-you peachy coral lip that’s perfect for this time of year. Nothing too heavy, it’s a sheer wash of colour that makes the lips look perfectly moisturised, hydrated and glistening in the light.

But the best thing is that it’s never going to look the same on any two people. Depending on where your skin comes in on the 1-14 pH scale, it will either look more peachy or more pink. It’s like having a custom-made lipstick without the custom-made cost… and who doesn’t like a little bit of personalisation!

I’ve been packing mine for my weekends away (last week Milan, this week Amsterdam) as it’s like having the best lip balm ever: it’s packed full of moisturising ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E and even a dash of olive oil!

Sometimes, all it takes to lift the mood is a new lipstick…have you tried any colour changing lipsticks yet?


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