It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of Alpha-H’s Liquid Gold. Once a month, without fail, I’ll treat my skin to a Liquid Gold intense treatment, using it three times in that week, to almost give it a little ‘reset’. If my skin’s not behaving, I’ll be using it more often. So you can imagine my intense excitement and glee when I found out that there is to be a new, limited edition Liquid Gold Rose. It does all the good things that the original already does, but it’s gentler and more hydrating.

If you’re not already familiar with Liquid Gold, here’s a quick little recap. It’s a powerful resurfacing and revitalising lotion (harnessing the power of glycolic acid) which refines the appearance of the complexion – instantly improving the skin’s texture and tone, tightening the pores, whilst reducing signs of ageing by gently exfoliating and plumping the skin whilst you sleep. It’s applied like a toner to clean, dry skin at night (no need for night cream unless you feel you need it) and works its magic overnight. It creates a mild tingling sensation when applied to the skin, but nothing too uncomfortable. This helps to energise the complexion, making it appear more vibrant and restoring a more radiant glow. Long before it became a la mode to develop exfoliating products, (in fact, 21 years ago), Alpha-H created this exfoliating gem that has won multiple awards and continues to be a staple in for so many skincare aficionados. 

But the reason I’m so excited to write this blog post is two-fold. One, to tell you about Liquid Gold Rose and two, to tell you that it’s going to be available in a special offer (TSV) on QVC UK this weekend, BUT! I have a special link for you (not an affiliate link) that will allow you to pre-shop before the TSV goes live on Saturday 27th.

Let’s start with the the TSV (Todays’ Special Value). If you haven’t shopped on QVC before you may not be familiar with the term and what it means. Basically, it’s a special offer that lasts for just 24 hours (or until it’s sold out) offering incredible value for money. So in the case of this Alpha-H one, it will be worth around £120 if you bought the products separately, but bought as a TSV deal, it’s going to be somewhere under £45. That’s such a huge saving, I know the #Alphaholics will be buying two or three sets, especially as there is such a long shelf life on the products.

So what’s in it? Well, it’s going to include 100ml NEW Liquid Gold Rose (this is the exclusive UK launch), 50ml Liquid Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum and 50ml Liquid Gold 24 Hour Moisture Repair Cream –  all full sizes and the Liquid Gold Rose won’t be launching with any other retailers until 1st July.

As ever, full instructions on how to get the best out of your products come with the products themselves, but incase you were wondering if this is for you, these are just some of the skin concerns it addresses: deep lines and wrinkles, sun damage, ages spots, uneven skin tone, coarsened skin, loss of elasticity, dull or tired complexion, crepey skin, sagging skin, sensitive skin/high colour – basically hitting most skincare concerns.

And if you’re wondering why you should exfoliate, well, here’s why:


  • Reduces pore size
  • Minimizes breakouts
  • Makes your make-up last longer


  • Softens the look of fine lines
  • Brightens areas of discolouration
  • Means you can get away with less concealer


  • Softens the appearance of wrinkles
  • Minimizes hormonal breakouts
  • Brightens areas of pigmentation and sun damage


  • Forces your skin to exfoliate itself faster and thus BEHAVE younger
  • Reduces skin coarseness and wrinkle depth
  • Boosts moisture content for better hydrated skin

The best bit about buying from QVC (apart from the amazing value on the TSV) is that if it’s not right for you, you have 30 days to return the product for a full refund, even if you’ve used it. 

If you haven’t tried Liquid Gold then this is definitely a lovely way to try it out, and if you’re already a fan, well, I know you’ll be snapping this up as soon as it goes on sale. So like I said, I’ve a special link for you to pre-shop before the TSV hits the screens on Saturday, just click here from Wednesday 25th to access the pre-sale. (not an affiliate link – I just love the brand and wanted to share the love!)

Let me know if you decide to get this TSV and what your skin thinks of it – I’d love to know!


Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose TSV Special Pre-Sale  – click here to shop





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