So it’s the Easter Holidays, the children have been off school for two and half weeks and there’s still another week of the holidays to go. But I’m not complaining. As I type this, I’m sitting on my terrace in my Spanish home, looking out over the luscious gardens and the sea ahead of me, blue skies and not a cloud to mar my view. (I’m not vlogging this holiday, but if you want to see my home here in Marbella, and the kind of things we get up to, CLICK HERE to see the vlog I made exactly this time last year). This year, I’ve decided I’m going to use my Instagram and the wonderful Instagram stories to ‘vlog’ the holiday so if you’re not already following, make sure to follow me on Instagram here (@BeautyPassionista).

What I love about getting away over the Easter holidays is a time to reset, take stock of where I am a third of the way into the year, reassess where I am on my new year resolutions and basically get back into gear for the upcoming months. Quite frankly, the time between now and the summer holiday goes by in a whirl, what with all the new beauty launches, Christmas in July (yes, that’ll be here again before we know it) and the kids’ end of year exams.

But most of all, I’m taking time out. Properly this time. As I mentioned earlier, I’m not vlogging this holiday, so I’m not driving my family crazy  (and especially my husband) with constantly filming and taking photos. I’m taking time out to “just be” with the family. As I’ve been effectively blogging on my Instagram this past week, at the risk of boring those of you who’ve already read this, this is what I’ve been feeling and writing (if you’re following on Instagram, feel free to just flick through the photos)

Marbella Puerto Banus Alzambra Vasari

Although I’ve been looking at this exact same view for the last 15 years, I still feel immensely humbled and privileged to be here at all. To come back to the same place very year may seem like the worst holiday to some, but to me, it’s my little home from home, my escape from London life, a place to reconnect with my family. To come here every year and see the children feel so at home, so comfortable and safe, to see their pride in their second home and excitement to come back every time, and to see them truly appreciate how lucky they are makes me so happy. Seeing them each year in the same place is a sharp reminder though, of how fast they are growing up and makes me want to treasure and crystallise these moments in my memories all the more. Stepping back from our fast-paced lives in London, for however short a length of time, is a time to re-centre, re-group and create little family histories we will hold dear for ever.

So I’m eating all the yummy food, spending time talking to and hanging out with the children and husband instead of spending inordinate amounts of time on my phone, and taking time to really appreciate all the beauty around me. Normal beauty blogging service will be resumed when I get back, but for now, let’s take time to just “be”.

Hope you’re all having a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend and doing the things that make you happy, whatever that may be.




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