Time is short. Time is money. Everyone I know is running around like a headless chicken, or at least they feel they are. If I could count the number of times I’ve heard people asking for more hours in a day, both in real life and on my instagram feed…but I’ve actually lost count. It’s easy to let the non-essentials slip when time is a premium. We’ve all heard, and used the excuses, especially when it comes to beauty maintenance… “I’ll get round to it”…. I’ll just sort out the kids/family/parents and then I’ll sort myself out”… “It’s on my list of things to do”.

Skin peels are often the first thing to take second place when it comes to our beauty regime. With a legacy left by Sex and the City’s Samantha (who can forget that bright red face) and the anticipated downtime often imagined for the skin to calm down, peels are left to celebs and “ladies that lunch” while regular facials, manis/pedis and the like are the beauty treats we opt for.

Currently there’s a wave of new peels angling for our attention and the good news is you can indulge in your lunch break, be back at your desk within the hour and no one would be any the wiser!

As you know, a while ago I tried out the Skin Design London Express Peel and V-Lift Treatment at Fortnum & Mason (if you didn’t know yet, watch my vlog of the day here). This was a 15-minute highly customisable glycolic peel that left my skin feel soft, smooth and looking radiant. High potency anti-oxidant serums were mixed into my peel formula, depending on my skin’s needs and the peel itself was followed by the application of yet more serums to fully give the skin an extra boost. As it’s right in the heart of Mayfair, the Skin Design London Clinic is super- convenient if you’re in town and fancy a quick skin pep-me-up that leaves your skin looking healthier than ever.

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Launching on Tuesday 5th May is The Peel Boutique from Dr Rabia Malik. The Peel Boutique is the UK’s first doctor-developed express peel bar. A menu of three twenty-minute peels, each clean, non-toxic and non-irritating, they are all lactic acid based, rather than glycolic or any another type of acid. Although both acids dissolve the “glue” that holds the skin cells together (making it easier to slough off dead skin cells), lactic acid is more hydrating and is less irritating, so it can be tolerated by all skin types. A menu of three options offers a Brightening Peel for normal or combination skin, a Hydrating Peel for dry, sensitive or more mature skins and the Blemish-Busting Peel, for oily, blemish-prone skin. Each of the peels combines proven fruit enzymes with the lactic acid for an effective yet safe peel that works quickly and efficiently to result in super-smooth, glowing, radiant and hydrated skin.

All of the peels are followed with a light application of a proprietary facial oil containing a blend of emu oil, lemon seed oil and raspberry oil (amongst others) for a deeply hydrating nourishing end to the treatment.

Ambarina, beauty passionista, skin peel, lactic acid

I was lucky enough to trial the Brightening Peel at a little preview earlier this week, and I can’t recommend it enough! My skin looked good enough afterwards to allow me to carry on with my day without makeup and I even went out that evening without any skin or base makeup. It was soft, smooth and very hydrated and nourished – so much so that it even passed the highly critical approval of my 13 year old daughter – and we all know how scathing teenage girls can be!

The Peel Boutique launches on 5th May, exclusive to Grace Belgravia in Knightsbridge.

The Peel Boutique Peels, £75 for 20 minutes, here





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