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Working out the way I do, I have to supplement my diet with extra protein. There’s never a shortage of protein supplements in my house, what with my husband and now my son also counting their protein grammage (is that even a word?) intake. So I regularly take a protein powder-enriched shake after my workout. From Super Elixir to PHD Woman to Protein World (my current squeeze) I’ve tried so many different blends and brands. But sometimes, it’s nice to just have one that’s been ready prepared, just waiting for me in the fridge, that’s packed with protein and full of flavour, but not at the expense of a high sugar count.

So I’ve been loving the range of Protein Shakes from Savse; 100% natural, low in sugars, high in protein and fibre, a reasonable shelf life so I can buy a few and keep them in the fridge ready for a treat.

Protein Blast is a blend of blueberries, strawberries, coconut water, lemon, apple and whey protein and is my favourite for flavour. Protein Smash is a concoction of strawberries, apple, lemon, coconut water, coconut milk and whey protein. Protein Punch has a tropical vibe, mixing up pineapple, coconut milk, coconut water, vanilla, lime, maca and whey protein – this one is high in fibre too, which takes it up to the top of my list. (I always try to ensure my fibre intake is correct when on a high protein diet).

My favourite thing? There’s no sugar added, at all, in any of the options and with 10g of protein per bottle (250ml) for approximately anywhere between 145 and 175 calories per bottle (depending on on which flavour you choose), that’s often enough for breakfast and keeps me going till my mid-morning snack.

What are your favourite protein supplements (if you take them?)

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