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Like the weather outside, I’ve been feeling a little grey, lethargic and unable to really get myself going. In fact, I really feel I’m one of those people mildly affected by SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and I’m definitely going to be investing in a daytime light to up my energy levels and focus. In the meantime, though, I’ve been trying out the supplements from Gabriella Peacock’s GP Nutrition.

GP Nutrition Enhance Me

Enhance Me GP Nutrition supplements

Developed by expert nutritionists, the range of supplements are designed to target specific needs, and are named to make it easy to know what each one is meant for: Slim Me (to optimise weight management), Clean Me (to support the immune system), Revive Me (to restore energy levels), +Boost Me (supercharged with antioxidants and high quality protein) and the one I chose to try, Enhance Me, designed to boost the body’s nutrient levels for healthy skin, hair and nails.

I love the tailor-made approach to taking supplements depending on what your body needs at any given time, the fact that you can buy just a week’s worth at a time if that’s what you need, but mostly, I love the fact that the day’s supplements are all perfectly packaged up in very portable packets, so they are quick and easy to pop into my handbag and take with me – so there’s no excuses for not taking them every day.

Enhance Me Drink Enhance Me Capsules Drink Enhance Me Drink Drink and Capsule

The Enhance Me package contains a powder that’s added to water to make a tasty, slightly lemony flavoured drink, and two tablets; a soft-gel Omega 3 capsule (which I have to admit, has quite a fishy smell) and a multi-nutrient tablet. There’s a whole host of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are included between the two (for full details see the GP Nutrition website) but the key ones include Vits C, D and E, Zinc, Selenium, Iodine, Green Tea and Hyaluronic Acid.

The carefully selected yet exhaustive list of ingredients all combine to nourish the body at a cellular level, maintaining healthy hair growth, radiant, clearer skin and protecting stronger nail growth. Just as importantly, it supports the brain function, the metabolism and the body’s immune defences.

How important are supplements in your daily nutritional plans? I know that they’re indispensable in mine, but I’d love to know what you’re thinking.

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GP Nutrition, find out more here


PS: I think I might try the Slim Me package next as I’m on a mission now to get to my target weight!



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