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You’re probably done with all the New Year’s hype kind of posts, but for me, my annual New Year getting-my-arse-into-gear doesn’t happen until today, 9th of January. Once Christmas is done, I always feel like we’re in some sort of Crimbo Limbo, just waiting for New Year’s Eve (thank goodness for my annual NYE party so that I have something to plan and organise!) and then I’m just waiting for my birthday (which was yesterday), before I feel I can really get going with the year.

A poor excuse for not kick-starting, I know, but that’s just how it always works out for me, especially as I have the three children at home on Christmas holidays until around now. It’s only really when they get back to school that I feel I can really get back into some sort of routine, and start working towards some new and exciting goals.

So although you’ve probably read it all before on countless other blogs, I still feel justified writing this kind of post, albeit we’re into the second week of January – I guess I just feel the need the record it somehow, so I feel I have some kind of accountability, if not to myself, then at least to all of you – haha! 

Before I even set goals, the New Year is always a time for reflection for me – looking back over the last twelve months, I find myself pondering about what I’m proud to have achieved, what I wish I had done and what I wish I had done differently. I guess having a birthday so close the turn of the year means that I’m not just thinking about the passing of time in general, it’s also the turning a year older malarkey – always a very scary thought. 

While the year seems to have flown by (if only I had a penny for each time I’ve heard that one…), I feel that it’s not gone to waste. I feel that I’ve grown up a little, which is an odd thing to say for a mother of three children, but life has a funny way of teaching you things when you least expect it. I’ve had to learn, the hard way, that not everyone is what they seem or try to portray, that people will not always live up to your expectations; in fact, I’ve learned that the less expectations you have of people, the healthier it is for you. That may sound cynical, but what I mean is, take care of number one, and surround yourself with people that love you as much as you love them. If you surround yourself with those that bring stress and anxiety into your life, that’s all you’ll have to offer to others. So I’ve learned to let go of destructive friendships and relationships with no regret, try to surround myself with the right people and not give a toss about those that I’ve had to let go. You can’t please everyone, and some people are hell bent on always seeing, or making up, the worst. So I say, let them do them and I’ll do me – going forward I only want positivity in my life.

This past year itself has been a bit of a difficult one at times; if you’ve read my post on my first anxiety attack (here), you’ll know that it hasn’t been plain sailing by any means. And I feel that somewhere along the way, having to deal with all the drama other people were bringing into my life, that my blog lost its focus – holler if you think that too.

But on the upside, there’s been some wonderful highs too. A very special anniversary trip to Paris, seeing my daughter perform on a West End stage, especially work-wise, in which I’ve worked with some great brands including Slendertone, Tria, Swell Haircare, Dove and others, which I’ve really enjoyed and hopefully, you’ve enjoyed our collaborations too. (Stay tuned for a really exciting campaign I’m working on with Jane Iredale!) I’ve been focusing much more on my YouTube channel, including doing Vlogmas for the first time, and I’ve surprised myself at how much I’ve loved it! And I’m so excited that we’ve got to over 5000 of you beauties joining my on beauty journey over on my Instagram too – I always love all the comments, love and support you guys give me on my social channels, whichever way you choose to connect with me.

So it’s onwards and upwards into 2017 with, hopefully, only good things. Sure, there’ll be some knocks along the way, it wouldn’t be normal life without that, but I’ll aim to approach everything with a positive attitude. The aim is to minimise the negativity, thrive on the positivity, look for life improving experiences along the way, and ultimately, live the best that I can and bring happiness to all those who interact with me – my family, my friends, and all of you.

Wishing you all a fabulous 2017 and looking forward to going on this fabulous journey with you all!


ps – I’m aiming to switch it up a little, both on the blog and the YouTube channel, although it’s all still a work in progress. Maybe a new blog design, maybe some new content including more style, health and fitness posts, some mummy-related posts, some more collaborations – it’s all in the list of what I want to do, so I’d love your feedback – what changes would you like to see, what do you want to see more of / less of?

All constructive criticism truly welcome!

If you don’t want to leave a comment below, feel free to email me:  bri@beautypassionista.co.uk



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