A while ago I wrote about LUMITY supplements (click here to read what I had to say) and I promised to give you a little update along the way, so here a really quick little post two and a half months in. 

I’m seeing a younger looking skin, more radiant and showing less fatigue and I feel that it’s a little plumper and less dehydrated. I’m not seeing the usual breakouts the week before my period is due (which I’m so happy about) and the skin on my elbows and shins looks healthier too.

I feel I have more energy and focus throughout the day, coupled with a more restful and refreshing sleep – a 9pm curfew on using digital devices has probably helped here too!

So there you have it… a very short but sweet update on where I am with Lumity, how I feel it’s going and why I’ll definitely be continuing. Oh, and did I mention Mr H is so impressed with what he’s seen that he’s going to start on Lumity too?

Have you tried it? I’d love to hear what you think of it if you have.




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