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The Christmas party season is just around the corner, although judging by my instagram feed, it’s already arrived! For me, being party ready goes hand in hand with feeling fit and fabulous. So I up my skincare routine to allow for the fact I might be wearing more makeup than usual, making sure I’m super-scrupulous with double cleansing at night. I’m using a daily exfoliating scrub in the shower for radiant glowing smooth skin ready for the party dresses. I’ll do my best to have my hair in tip-top condition with two treatments a week; a regular, weekly hair mask and a weekly hair-oil, both applied overnight and washed out in the morning, for beautiful, healthy, shiny looking hair. (For my current favourite hair treatment oil, check my Autumn favourites video here). And speaking of oil, I’ll give my nails a daily treat with a manicure oil massaged into my cuticles (normally while I’m curled up on the sofa with Netflix and herbal tea) and a weekly manicure (DIY more often than not).

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Party dresses can be so unforgiving…

Feeling confident in my party dresses and cutaway tops is all about feeling toned, strong and fit, so in the run up to the festive season, I make an extra effort to get myself into the gym and work on those areas that need a little extra attention. Party dresses can be so unforgiving – shoulders and upper arms that haven’t seen the light of day since the summer holidays are suddenly centre of attention. And of course, the abs and core muscles – whether I’m wearing a dress, a co-ord or a party top and trousers, having a strong, toned (and hopefully flat-ish) tummy just helps me stand that little bit taller and with more confidence. The ab workout at the end of my regular training sessions takes on a little more importance as the party season beckons. While I used to try and get through it in just ten minutes, I will now grit my teeth and invest up to twenty minutes in my abs routine. Whatever the ab exercises I’ll have done, I’ll always end with a plank, holding it for as long as as I physically can.

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To up my abs game, I’m of course using my Slendertone Abs Connect Belt either before or after the gym – just one half an hour session is equivalent to 200 perfectly formed ab crunches, reaching all the right muscles, for a stronger, tighter, fitter core. Using Slendertone regularly really helps to achieve a strong, toned body in just four weeks of regular use (for best results, I use mine 5 days a week). Having  toned abs helps me feel more confident, keeps that dreaded yummy mummy muffin top at bay and just makes me feel good abut myself – not forgetting that a strong core can really help prevent backache too.

When I really want to feel I’m on top of my game, I’ll fit in a workout and a Slendertone session during the day of the party; yes, I know it’s probably all the mind, but somehow it just makes me feel a little more in control and, yes, a little bit sexier!

A January detox just won’t cut it anymore… a little pre-Christmas pre-tox is needed!

Of course, getting myself ready for the party season isn’t just about spending more time in the gym. My regular eating plan goes a little haywire with invitations to festive gatherings and impromptu lunches, dinners and even breakfasts scuppering my fitness and diet goals, so when I’m at home and can control what I eat, that’s exactly what I do. These days, I find it’s not enough to just plan a January detox after the over indulgence of the season. So I undertake a semi pre-tox in the run-up to Christmas, making sure to take in as much fresh fruit and vegetables as I can to ensure that I don’t put on too much weight before the onslaught of roast potatoes and Christmas pud on the big day. A daily green smoothie into which I throw in all manner of green veg including kale, celery, rocket, parsley, alkalising powder, protein powder, berries – whatever I have to hand – helps to ensure I’m getting my full quota of all the vitamins and minerals I need to get me through the gruelling (but fun) party season. As an added bonus, it boosts my immune system and fills me up with good things before I start to reach for all the indulgent treats that inevitably seem to find their way into the house at this time of year.

Slendertone, connect Abs, abs belt, gianvito rossi, shoes, partyready

Choosing the outfit and accessories to match, taking time over my makeup and hair and feeling confident that I’m looking my best – I love the whole process of getting read to go out; it’s almost as much fun as the event itself. It’s a little bit of ‘me time’ that’s so very important as the busy season gets going.

What are your top tips for getting party ready – I’d love to hear from you!

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