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Although most style addicts would like to deny it, feeling good is just as important as looking good. This can be as simple as eating good, pure food to make your body work well, but it can, and often does, translate into fashion. So here are a few tips on what to do and what not to do when you’re trying to feel comfortable as well as stylish.


What To Do: Wear skinny jeans with a little stretch in them so you can move around and sit down easily. Make sure you go up a waist size if you’ve gained a little weight – there’s no point in being uncomfortable after a big dinner. Wide-legged trousers are in, so enjoy them – see Binx Walton’s super casual yet cool backstage look at Milan Fashion Week.

What Not To Do: Elasticated waists. Mom jeans that are too similar to jeans that your actual mother would wear. Boyfriend jeans that are actually borrowed from your boyfriend – female jeans are cut specifically for a female figure and they’ll look much better on you. Also, never lend him your jeans, no matter how much he complains that his aren’t skinny enough. If they fit him too well, you’ll never get them back, and then you’ll be down both a pair of jeans and your self-esteem.

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What To Do: Make sure your coat is actually thick enough to keep you warm through the winter. Buy a classic style that’s easy to wear over any outfit. A khaki parka or a chic navy overcoat will always serve you well.

What Not To Do: Don’t dig the nearest ancient, musty-smelling coat out of your hall closet and drag it onto your body. Don’t leave the house in your partner’s big fleece that smells slightly like your dog. Don’t buy a poncho, no matter how many catwalks try to pretend they’re a valid style. You will never figure out how to keep your arms warm when you’re wearing one – they’re not worth the bother and they’re never slimming to the eye unless you’re model height! 

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What To Do: This season, your luck’s in: sneakers are in fashion, as you can see here on it-girl Gigi Hadid. She’s paired her Adidas Originals with skinny leather pants, a look you’ll see me in more days than not, but sadly, I look nowhere near as good as Gigi! If you’re not that brave, skinny jeans will look just as good. If you’re looking for a pair of strappy sandals, try 90s-style stacked heels. You’ll feel more stable and they’ll be more comfortable than skinny stiletto heels.

What Not To Do: Although sneakers are great, don’t dig out your old running shoes and wear them to dinner at your favourite restaurant – that’s not a look that’s going to catch on anytime soon! Don’t bother with uncomfortable stilettos that dig into your feet – they aren’t in at the moment, and trying too hard or looking miserable because your shoes are killing you will never be a good look.

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What To Do: If you don’t enjoy doing a full face of makeup every day, try out this five-minute makeup routine. Primer, BB cream, a little concealer under the eyes and on any blemishes, fill in your eyebrows, dust your face with powder to set the makeup, add a little mascara. Then you’re ready to go with a flawless, natural makeup look.

What Not To Do: You don’t need to follow in the footsteps of every Instagram model out there and contour heavily to go to the local shops to buy some milk. Let’s get real, not even Kylie Jenner wears all her makeup every day.

Most of all, remember that the number one rule of comfort in fashion is that you feel good about yourself. If you feel comfortable in your own skin then it will shine through in whatever you’re wearing. Good luck!



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