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Hair is such an emotive subject, especially for women. We have too much in places we don’t want it and never enough where we do.

So we spend hours and hard earned money on haircuts, products and treatments that will give us thicker looking hair with as much volume as we can stuff into it.  I’m as guilty as the next person, cutting in layers to give the impression of lush hair, and using volumising shampoos and conditioners. But I have to admit, I’d all but given up on volumising products as they dry my hair out horribly and with already quite dry hair, that’s the last thing I need.

Recently discovering SWELL Haircare has been somewhat of a godsend. The three step system has everything your hair needs for hydrated volume (the hydrated bit is so important to me) and contains none of what your hair doesn’t need, including silicones, parabens, SLS, phthalates. all of which build up on your hair with continued use and end up weighing it down, giving you the exact opposite of the effect you were after in the first place!


I first tried some travel sizes of the three step system whilst on holiday this summer, which you’ll probably have seen on my instagram if you’re following me (if not, here’s the link), but as my hair generally does a ‘Monica’ on holiday, I didn’t really need the extra volume.

Back in Blighty, and it’s a totally different story. I’d do just about anything for a thicker head of hair, but without the frizz, and, most importantly, hair that doesn’t just drop by the end of the day.

Of course, the best way to learn about how to get the best out of the products is to go straight to the guru himself, so  along I went to meet Andrew Bidwell, co-founder of SWELL and one of London’s top hair experts with over twenty years experience in fine hair. He created SWELL along with Jonathan Stallick, a leading homeopath and creator of Barefoot Botanicals, so I knew the products wouldn’t be making any compromises on quality or performance.

Stay tuned for my vlog coming on Wednesday (subscribe here) to see Andrew in action on my hair, but in the meantime, I’ve got some fabulous GIVEAWAY news for you all!

I’ve managed to snag two full sets of the SWELL products for two of my Instagram followers. And when I say full set, I mean THE FULL SET, worth £178! Here’s what two of you will win!

The full set will consist of Ultimate Volume Shampoo, Ultimate Volume Conditioner, Ultimate Volume Root Complex, Ultimate Curl & Bounce Tonic, Ultimate Protect & Renew Serum, Ultimate Volume Masque, and Ultimate Volume Dry Shampoo.

And because the guys at SWELL are so lovely, 10 runners up will receive an Ultimate Volume Masque worth £10 each.


To be in with a chance of winning one of these, quite frankly, amazing prizes, you’ll need to head on over to instagram – click the link HERE where I’ve just posted all the details – look for the product image above on my insta-feed. We’ll keep the competition open for exactly one week after which we’ll announce the lucky winners – I’m seriously so excited for this giveaway for you all!

Of course, knowing how to get the best out of your products is key, so here are Andrew’s tips for washing and styling to get the best out of SWELL and fine hair.

How to 10x the volume in fine hair:


  • Don’t use products with silicone in the ingredients list. It feels great at the time, but ultimately, it will end up weighing your down down as it builds up.
  • Washing etiquette is key. Only apply shampoo to roots, not ends and mid lengths. Washing the roots at the back of your head is just as important as washing at the crown. Fine hair needs squeaky clean roots.
  • Keep the suds away from mid-lengths and ends – all that will be cleaned as you rinse.
  • Use conditioner and hair masks only on mid-lengths and ends – keep them away from your roots.


  • Focus the hairdryer only on the roots, leave the ends otherwise you’ll end up over-drying them. The heat from your roots will travel up the hair shaft.
  • Don’t stretch fine hair when blowdrying – you’ll take all the volume out of your hair and it will be sure to collapse. Be really gentle with your hair, not too much tension when pulling the hair back on the brush.
  • Don’t use too high a heat – just enough to open up the cuticle, no more.
  • Set the hair to cool down in either rollers, a brush or pinned curls, just until the hair cools and the cuticle shrinks back down.

For more information about the SWELL haircare range, go to





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