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After yesterday’s post (which you can read by clicking here), a few of you have sent me messages saying you either don’t have instagram or snapchat (and in some cases, neither). So here is a very edited little roundup of just some of the posts that have appeared on my instagram to give you a little taster of what you’ve been missing –  of course, on snapchat it gets a little less curated and a little more personal and unedited, but you get the picture, I hope!

If you are connected to me on any of my social media, make sure to stop by and say hi!

instagram: @beautypassionista

snapchat: @Ambarina.Hasan

twitter: @AmbarinaHasan

And if you prefer to just use the snapchat code, that’s here for you too!

Version 2

As I said yesterday, expect normal service here on the blog to be resumed in September, but until then, come say say hi on instagram/twitter/snapchat




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