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So you may have noticed I’ve been a little missing around these parts of late. I left London for the month of August for a much-needed holiday and while I had started getting all organised, scheduling posts for you to read while I’m away, the time just ran away with me and as you can see, it didn’t happen. Actually, the thing I’m most annoyed about is that I filmed two makeup videos for you so that I could edit and upload them while I’m away, but then couldn’t find the memory card on which all the footage is saved.. so I’ll probably have to re-film them both when I get back.

I’ve spent the first half of my holiday feeling rather guilty about it all, but now I’ve chilled out (I’m even taking windsurfing lessons!) and decided normal business will be resumed just as soon as I return home…which is still a few days away.

I haven’t left you all totally in the lurch, though. If you follow me on my social media, you’ll see that I’ve been busy keeping you up to date with what we’ve been getting up to, what I’ve been wearing, what makeup, skincare and haircare has come with me for the this month and of course, my annual #bikinidiaries.

If you’ve not seen any of this, then make sure to add me on instagram, snapchat and twitter, where I’ve been a busy bee everyday, whenever I find myself in a spot of wifi – direct links all listed here:

instagram: @beautypassionista

snapchat: @Ambarina.Hasan

twitter: @AmbarinaHasan

And if you prefer to just use the snapchat code, well, I’ve got there here for you!

Version 2

Expect normal service to resumed in September, but until then, I hope you’re all doing really well and haven’t forgotten me!




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