With the Olympics well and truly under way, there’s no doubt the focus is on fit, healthy bodies that perform. And the fact that the Games are in Rio this year, with Giselle walking quite possibly the longest catwalk known to man during the opening ceremonies, means that we are well and truly thinking about getting our booties into shape! So while I’m sitting here by the pool, I thought I’d let you in on what I’ve been doing in preparation for this year’s summer holiday and why I’m feeling so body confident in my bikinis and swimsuits. (By the way, go to my instagram @beautypassionista or snapchat – username Ambarina.Hasan) for lots of holiday photographs.)





You all know I’ve been using the Slendertone Abs Connect belt for quite a while now to supplement my gym workout routine. With hardly any extra effort, I’m able to add some serious ab crunches to my daily training just by wearing the belt for half an hour every day.

SLENDERTONE Bottom EU Pack with belt (or other garment) from profile angle

Just recently, I’ve started trying out the Slendertone Bottom in effort to try to lift and firm that booty to get myself bikini confident for the holidays. It’s simply like wearing a pair of little cycling shorts for half an hour a day, but with the Slendertone EMS technology (electronic muscle stimulation) built in, it gives me the perfect glute contractions, not just under the pads, but the whole muscle group (by stimulating the nerves supplying that muscle). In fact, just 30 mins wearing the shorts is the same as doing 60 perfectly formed reverse leg lifts, targeting the gluteus maximus, medius and minimus (and we’ve all heard about toning those, haven’t we!)

The end result? The targeted and neighbouring muscles begin to strengthen and tone to help sculpt the bottom and give it that curvy yet toned shape à la Giselle. The day after the first time I used it, my glutes were seriously aching (but in a good way), so I know it’s doing the work. And as an added bonus, Slendertone Bottom also helps to tone and strengthen the core stabilising muscles, so using this in conjunction with my Slendertone Abs belt makes them both the perfect complement to my running and cross-fit workouts in the gym. It’s not just about vanity – having stronger core and glute muscles means that you’ll have better posture and overall a stronger body that helps you deal with daily life.

As Alex Crockford, PT and Slendertone Ambassador, says, “As the largest muscle in the body, it is important to maintain strength in the Gluteus as affects so many of the joints and muscle groups around it. Slendertone Bottom is a great way to activate these muscles and aid with toning all the muscles in the bottom.”

But don’t just take my and Alex’s word for it. In a six week trial with Slendertone Bottom in which shorts were worn four times a week, results showed:

  • 88% improvement in bottom firmness
  • 83% improvement in bottom tone
  • 67% improvement in bottom lift
  • overall, a significant improvement in body satisfaction and image

I’ve only just started using it two weeks ago, so I’ll be doing a full review of it in a month or so once I’ve had a good go at it, but already I feel a firmness that wasn’t there before. I’d definitely recommend trying out the belt if you’ve been trying shape up that booty, but remember, Slendertone isn’t a quick fix. It should always be part of an active healthy lifestyle, incorporating regular workouts (you don’t need to join a gym to workout – you can be just as effective at home), and a well-balanced healthy meal plan. We’re here on holiday, and I’m still working out and using my Slendertone – it’s so easy to incorporate into my life wherever I am.

As you probably already know, my husband, the fitness and nutrition freak, has me doing all sorts of core and glute exercises in the gym, all of which can be done at home, including squats, lunges, kettlebell swings, jumps (on and off a box) and even Turkish Get-Ups – if you fancy a run down of my current workout, leave me a comment below or tweet me (@AmbarinaHasan) and I’ll put together a little post for you. All of which I love supplementing with my Slendertone Abs belt and now also my Slendertone Bottom.


And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some serious relaxing to do!


For further information about the Slendertone Bottom and how it works, visit www.

Slendertone Bottom RRP £139.99, buy here

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